Monday, July 12, 2010

Did You Say Flash?

As a photographer the word "flash" is a bad word. Natural light is the preferred for most photogs. After some real life experiences, I realized the need for flash is going to appear. (ex. weddings, not enough light etc..) Starting out in the photo biz you have learn how to do things on a budget. Not having a "studio" space you have to do things that are travel friendly. When I first started experimenting with OCF (off camera flash) I fell in love. Not only was this the answer for my pocket but it was very portable to boot. Although they are two very great reasons to make me happy but it was all the different things you can do with them is why I love it so much. Here are a few.

1. Use them to take pictures that produce dreamy skies and your subject is perfectly exposed. Just check out this picture

web 19

this is one that I took of my son and his homecoming date. See how the sky is dreamy and yet they are perfectly lit. Well if you would have exposed for the sky they would have been WAY underexposed, more of a silhouette. So to fix that I exposed for the sky and used my OCF to light their faces :) This always make a for a dramatic photo. Here is another

web 8

Same situation but it was even a little darker outside.

2. Great for fill flash. If you are shooting in the bright sun and HAVE to shoot in the bright sun with no shade it will be your best friend. All of those crazy shadows that the harsh sun can produce all over you subjects face can be softened by using your flash.. I know it sounds crazy to use your flash in the bright sun but it works:) This can even work with the pop up flash that is on your camera.
(sorry I couldn't find a image for this one you just have to trust me and try it for yourself)

3. Studio! My growing new favorite. They work just perfect for studio lights. I have 2 SB-600 Speedlights, 1 shoot through umbrella, 1 reflecting umbrella, 2 portable light stands and because I shoot with a Nikon I can use my ON camera flash as a slave to radio trigger the OFF Camera Flash. Here are some examples of my set up with using 2 OCFs

web 4

web 3

_DSC4293 copy web

This is one from a Boudoir session I did. Can you say Gorgeous!

Now the next few are from a ONE light set up that I worked on this weekend. One strobe (speedlight), shoot through umbrella, stand and reflector. Oh and a backdrop which is totally portable. LOVE IT!

_DSC3285 w

_DSC3232 copy w

Love this one from my Princess:)

_DSC3214 w

oh and this one!

Then I got a little crazy and started doing some different lighting. More Dramatic light. My poor kids, well not really I bribe them with cool facebook pictures :) Good one Huh?

_DSC0119 lomo w

_DSC0133 copy bw w

Okay I won't let Rog use these as he looks to old and showy.

_DSC0189 cr w

_DSC0163 copy cr w

There you have it folks! A little info on what you can do with some OCF! Now I am not expert and have so much more to learn but lets just say I will never say that "flash" is a bad word again. If you have any questions, or if I have totally confused you or want to know where to purchase some of the stuff I have listed just leave a comment below.

Happy Monday!

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candice said...

oh my goodness Ally! Wow- you have gotten SO awesome at this- very fast! Did you learn all this after the class we were doing? I feel like I have no clue when it comes to flash, yet I would love to learn more. I have no idea what to purchase first. are all those studio lights set up in your house? You just purchased backdrops? These photos are amazing!!!
I feel like for me photography has taken a back seat to other things lately and I am more nervous about getting back into it again. Someone just asked me if I would do their engagement and wedding! I told her I would have to think about it- because it scares me to death!!! I know you were nervous your first time too, but now you seem so confident- any advice? Should I do it?!
Sorry this is so long! :-)