Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 3... and a long one!

Day three was a Hot and very Humid day but we made the most of it and stayed by the pool.

_DSC0210-1 w

Who doesn't love some Chocolate?

_DSC0215-1 w

Mae certainly does! A lot!

_DSC0216-1 w

Two fist full, A LOT!

A little Horseplay!

_DSC0223-1 w

Lots of sneak attacks...

_DSC0238-1 w

and always some "pay back"

paybacl w


_DSC0229-1 w

Boys are so smart...

_DSC0231-1 w

or Nerds! Nice homemade snorkel :(

_DSC0248-1 w

The girls somehow seemed oblivious to the madness!

_DSC0255-1 w

Except for Mae, she always has Drama!

_DSC0293-1 w

and sweet Cabell just liked watching it all from the side. Little Stinker!

_DSC0252-1 w

and Hope just made sure to get her "flirt" on

_DSC0310-1 w

with Kyle as he was the only one there not related.

_DSC0270-1 w

then Allie decided to get in on the flirt scene...

_DSC0303-1 w

and then "he" arrived The Gremlin! and squirted everyone with a face.

_DSC0337 w

all was good and evil until his payback came. And it came!
{One of my favorite pictures from the day, just saying.)

_DSC0340 w

poor Gremlin :(

_DSC0258-1 w

then in headed my sister and her hubby. They were returning from their getaway date in a docked boat while the little ones were sleeping. Boy they needed it, they have six kiddos you know!

(Definition) Date: a place to go quickly that is cheap and QUIET to get a power nap while holding hands. That's how we roll!

_DSC0370 w

there is 1/2 of them.

Then the rest of the evening was spent in the a/c playing cards and watching some BRAVO!


Kristi said...

Love that some of you covered for your sister and her hubby to have a date! Some days Ian and I send the kids on the back deck to the water table and sip coffee inside (where we can see them from a window of course) and call that time of conversation a date.
I also love the mischief the cousins get themselves into...

Karin said...

Awesome pics, Ally! What great memories you captured for your family!