Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blackberry Pickin

Daddio's favorite fruit, hands down, has got to be blackberries. Every time we pass a patch of them growing wild on the side of the road he just drools. He tells me every time we pass why he likes them.

"I love how they are sweet, yet tart. I also love crunching down on the tiny seeds."

I can see his mouth watering just speaking of it. So we decided to help a man out with his seed crunching addiction. We head out to the country to pick some black berries!

Daddio's sister has a place "out there" but it is a little piece of heaven!

_DSC2991 w

So far out there you can have some of these

_DSC2992 w

26 to be exact

_DSC2997 w

watching my crew at her house makes me wonder if we are living the wrong life

_DSC3004 w

you can also have some of these

_DSC3003 w

brother and sis and they are as big as horse!

_DSC2994 w

this is my adorable nephew "J-man" Has the best manners I have ever seen in a 6 year old.

_DSC2999 w

Not only does his sis raise chickens for eggs, home-schools, takes care of goats that look like horses, gardens veggies but she even grows blackberries with NO thorns. She is such a Rock Star or maybe Country Star... lol

_DSC3008 w

then we headed to down the road for the mother-load of blackberries. Oh and did I mention it was 103 degrees.

_DSC3007 w

but that did not stop my crew from getting the loot

_DSC3005 w

The Princess ate them fast as we could pick them. We totally had to cut her off.

_DSC3020 w


_DSC3017 w

My Ben came ready! He made sure to wear his "tube socks"

_DSC3026 w

then they got down to business and left me and whinny princess behind.

_DSC3034 w

her country roots are obviously not very long, she is done.

_DSC3052 w

So we headed to the car to get some relief from the heat wave. Played with daddio's glasses

_DSC3043 copy w

and the camera

_DSC3053 w

then the crew headed back with all their goodness!

_DSC3056 w

hello macro

_DSC3062 w

then we came home and I made one of these

_DSC3065 w

and had a bowl of it like this! ummmm....
Daddio went to bed that night with grin on his face :) A good days work!
Thank you "D" for such a wonderful day and allowing my kids (daddio included) to have some fun pretending to be country.


Catherine said...

Yum! That looks just like the blackberry cobbler I made last week with our fresh black berries. I had to throw it away because I couldn't stop eating it. Delicous!

Our Journey said...

So many thoughts on this post - #1 - I LOVE blackberries & we're headed this weekend to pick them! Now, I know I"m going to make a cobbler too! YUM #2 - LOVE (love love) that you finally added a pic of yourself! Too cute! #3 - I love his sisters place -- I've been feeling the same way - I wonder if that's how I'd like to live too.

Ally said...

I know Melissa, I just decided to try to include myself in photos. Even though I am not a huge fan of being IN FRONT of the camera, my kiddos might like to see my face one day:)

candice said...

Yummmmmm- that cobbler and icecream are looking really good right now! Love the picture of you and the princess- your eyes are gorgeous! :)