Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 4th of July 2010

We had a wonderful day of celebration. We headed to Mimi's (my sisters) and grilled out and visited with friends and family. Nothing to spectacular but just good food and great company.

_DSC2835 w

_DSC2836 w

_DSC2847 w

The girls were decked out in their Red, White and Blue!

_DSC2843 w

but the Gremlin was going more for a "hippie" look sporting his new tie-dye.

_DSC2954 w

and the boys, normally what they had on when they rolled out of bed because it is Summer and they sleep till 2:00 pm everyday.

_DSC2973 w

except for Mason as he had to look good showing off his new haircut!

_DSC2864 w

_DSC2907 w

then there was a new face in the bunch...

_DSC2846 w

Meet "J"

_DSC2868 w

She had the most precious beautiful eyes!

_DSC2865 f

but "J" and the princess had this kinda love/hate connection

_DSC2852 w

I think she just didn't know what to except from this little sweet pea!

_DSC2947 w

lets just say there were some "issues" with a certain scooter

_DSC2927 w

_DSC2958 w

and little Ms J wanted it real bad

_DSC2969 w

so bad that she followed the princess's every move

_DSC2937 w

and just when "j" was at her breaking point

_DSC2979 w

the princess walked away

_DSC2920 w

to bigger and better thing!

_DSC2983 w

and then the "scooter" was not so big of a deal then...

_DSC2917 w

and Sweet Cabell just keep giving me smiles like this

_DSC2925 w

and this

_DSC2891 w

actually she was just smart and stayed out of their way!

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Karin said...

GORGEOUS pics!! Love the ones of the girls in their red, white and blue. :) So funny about the scooter! Isn't that typical?!