Friday, July 30, 2010

Picture Day at the Rivah!

Had so much fun with the girls and my OCF! check this out!

_DSC0012 copy bw w

My beautiful Niece Hope!

_DSC0041 w

and my other beautiful niece Allie!

_DSC0089 copy w

one of my favorite! Look at that Yummo light:)

_DSC0113 copy w

stunning she is!

_DSC0140 copy w

so natural

_DSC0133 copy w

so pretty!

_DSC0183 copy w

I feel for their mama's, I am sure the beating the boys away...

_DSC0273 copy w

_DSC0293 copy w

check out the drama in the sky, this is why OCF is so beautiful!

Now for the girlie girls

_DSC0466 w

Sweet Cabell and Addy (my nieces)

_DSC0471 w

so adorable

_DSC0518 w

Oh Girl!! So cute but such a stinker

_DSC0497 w

and then there was Mae!

_DSC0567 w

_DSC0587 w

and you ask how I got such cooperative subjects?

_DSC0589 w

I will let you in on my secret

_DSC0599 w

the mention of "CANDY" an "airhead" to be exact, pure sugar:)

_DSC0604 w

It works like a charm every time!

And were was the princess? Fast asleep from 4 straight days of no nap and this

_DSC0407 w

Have a great Weekend!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 3... and a long one!

Day three was a Hot and very Humid day but we made the most of it and stayed by the pool.

_DSC0210-1 w

Who doesn't love some Chocolate?

_DSC0215-1 w

Mae certainly does! A lot!

_DSC0216-1 w

Two fist full, A LOT!

A little Horseplay!

_DSC0223-1 w

Lots of sneak attacks...

_DSC0238-1 w

and always some "pay back"

paybacl w


_DSC0229-1 w

Boys are so smart...

_DSC0231-1 w

or Nerds! Nice homemade snorkel :(

_DSC0248-1 w

The girls somehow seemed oblivious to the madness!

_DSC0255-1 w

Except for Mae, she always has Drama!

_DSC0293-1 w

and sweet Cabell just liked watching it all from the side. Little Stinker!

_DSC0252-1 w

and Hope just made sure to get her "flirt" on

_DSC0310-1 w

with Kyle as he was the only one there not related.

_DSC0270-1 w

then Allie decided to get in on the flirt scene...

_DSC0303-1 w

and then "he" arrived The Gremlin! and squirted everyone with a face.

_DSC0337 w

all was good and evil until his payback came. And it came!
{One of my favorite pictures from the day, just saying.)

_DSC0340 w

poor Gremlin :(

_DSC0258-1 w

then in headed my sister and her hubby. They were returning from their getaway date in a docked boat while the little ones were sleeping. Boy they needed it, they have six kiddos you know!

(Definition) Date: a place to go quickly that is cheap and QUIET to get a power nap while holding hands. That's how we roll!

_DSC0370 w

there is 1/2 of them.

Then the rest of the evening was spent in the a/c playing cards and watching some BRAVO!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Rivah! Day 2

Day 2! In the early morning hours I awoke to the the first of the victims of the "YUK"! Our plans for the day was to go and visit my mom's place at the Bay and chill on the beach. So a few stayed back to watch over Rog as he slept the sickness away.

_DSC0156 w

_DSC0154 w

_DSC0160 w

the cuties played in the sand. The very HOT SAND!

_DSC0177 w

Jen was just a tad upset because it was getting to hot and the water had jelly fish in them so she wanted to head to the pool.

_DSC0169 w

Real Upset! And MawMaw said no! And where was here Mama??

_DSC0159 w

She was out taking care of some important business

_DSC0171 w

so important that Coo Coo had to join her

_DSC0173 w

Tabloid business that is!

_DSC0188 w

then I snapped a few more pictures

_DSC0183 w

and took Jen's advice and headed to the pool. It was HOT people Real HOT! Way to hot to take pictures.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday My Daddio!

2009 12 24_8028_edited-1

Happy Birthday!!!! We love you and hope your day is Special!

Things that make him him!

1. He is always so very giving
2. He LOVES to cook:)
3. He doesn't miss a detail
4. Has a photographic memory
5. Can hear the slightest whisper across a room, so be careful!
6. He has a shoe thing.
7. Says the sweetest things to me:)
8. Works his Butt off so I can chase my dreams. I love him for that
9. Has the most beautiful blue eyes....
10. Has a wife and kiddos who love him more than Chocolate!!

I love you Daddio! Happy Birthday:)

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Rivah! Day 1

Last week we spent the week with my family at the B's Rivah House! We have been so lucky to go three years in a row. I just love how relaxing and low key this place is and look forward to it every year. This year was not as relaxing as the years past. Why?

1. Daddio had to stay back
2. 3 out of my 4 kids got hit with the stomach flu
3. 1 of my kids got swimmers ear

Besides all of those things we still had a wonderful week. Not perfect but I would not have traded it for anything!

We arrived early Monday with a surprise visit from my sister and her family from Utah! We grabbed our swimsuit and sunscreen and headed for a day by the pool

_DSC0002 w

_DSC0006 w

Jen was so EXCITED to be hanging with her cousins again!

_DSC0014 w

the princess was making sure she had every flotation device to keep her above water!

_DSC0009 w

Bryson was "cheesing" hoping for a new facebook picture

_DSC0017 w

yeah! that is not a public pool just our crew...YIKES!

_DSC0041 w

then in for lunch and a few photos of these little fruit loops!

_DSC0064 w

Sweet Cabell...

_DSC0066 w

flip flop thief! Girl is gonna go broke with her love for shoes:)

_DSC0121 w

then the "boyz" headed to the pier for a dip in the Rivah. After waiting 1 hour of course so their food could digest.

_DSC0124 w

Ok, who am I foolin?? Does this look like "rule following boyz" NO!

_DSC0139 w

besides they had the Gremlin with them!

_DSC0115 w

but they have have so much fun together

_DSC0114 w

and they will remember these days for years to come!

_DSC0153 w

A little self portrait with the princess and me!

_DSC0109 w

and then day one came to a beautiful end!