Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Time...

The kids are all having award ceremonies and the school year is winding down. Vacation is right around the bend and it could not get her fast enough. So glad to have the kiddos home for summer. (remind me that about mid July) My nephew is graduating from High School and will soon be heading to college. Summer brings so many changes so enjoy every moment as they will not be like this for long.

_DSC0048 w

remember times like this

_DSC0021-1 w

and sweet "little" faces like this!

_DSC1649 copy w

and snuggle extra long on Saturday mornings

_DSC1665 copy w

and take pictures of them looking like this bed head and all.

_DSC1597 copy w

because before you know it they look like this and before you know it, there gone off to live a life of their own. sniff sniff...
Boy life is short, so enjoy it all and take lots of pictures!

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momwithfaithandhope said...

Sweet Summer days. . .Bed head and all your "little" is such a cutiepie! And boy how they grow so fast.