Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Good Stuff!

I read a blog post today from a very talent photographer and it really started me thinking about life and how "we" perceive it. Artistically and realistically. I am gonna be very real here and put my faults on the table. I have the hardest time with stressing about how people perceive my life. I am not talking about how we should care what people think of us as in our "character" but the image of what we want others to think about us. The good stuff no matter what it may look like. My life is no way shape or form perfect but each and everyday that I wake at 6:00 am to a crazy house, lunches to pack, a little princess demanding her chocolate milk with that irritating whiny voice or the load of laundry that I pass daily I am so stinking lucky. The good, the bad and the ugly. Sometime when I blog I only allow you to see what I want you to think or believe about my life but the truth is the "good stuff" is the "real stuff". We all have our ups and downs but that is what makes up who we are and it builds memories that we will one day share with our younger generations. I need to take my own advise and slow the heck down and enjoy the good moments and love the no so good moments. I need to live life and be {REAL}!

Here are some pictures that I was not going to bother editing or posting as the Princess's hair is just a mess and that would mess up the perception that I do not take 45 minutes a day to make sure she is polished and perfect.

_DSC1557 w

YIKES!! but this is the real Princess as I don't fix her hair perfect everyday...

_DSC1561 w

and she is just beautiful, being her

_DSC1574 w

yeah! the good stuff:)

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Catherine said...

I think those are AMAZING. The backlight and the bokeh are perfect. What a doll baby!