Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The best of the Beach Drama!

We had a wonderful vacation. For the past 18 years we have been spending our vacation with my sisters and their families and my mom and dad. When all of us are together it makes 10 adults and 17 kiddos. (we were down one family and one kiddo this year :( ) We rent one honken house and we spend the week together on the beach. We have so many laughs and we build memories for the kiddos that will last a life time. During our week I take LOTS of pictures all in a relaxed style. On the last day we do a formal photos of all the families and you can see those on my face book page. (Allyson Causey Photography) But the good stuff is the all the lifestyle pictures that are from the week. Here are a few highlights from the week and I will start with the Drama! You know that when the Princess and her BFF, Mae get together and throw in some Sweet Cabell there is gonna be Drama and lots of it...

_DSC2383 w

The fight over the ball

_DSC2384 w

you know it is serious when The Princess swings her hair...

_DSC2402 w

but in the end Sweet Cabell Got her Ball!! "ME BALL"

_DSC2236 w

Then came the beach fight

_DSC2253 w

this time is was some brotherly love

_DSC2255 w

and Mae was NOT going to back down.

_DSC2277 w

and then she sat back and was very pleased with her destruction of her brothers sand castle

_DSC1975 w

Last but sure not the least Mae against the Ocean...

_DSC1979 w

And yes the Ocean won this one!

Tomorrow Let the Good Times Roll or Bail...

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