Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The best of the Beach Drama!

We had a wonderful vacation. For the past 18 years we have been spending our vacation with my sisters and their families and my mom and dad. When all of us are together it makes 10 adults and 17 kiddos. (we were down one family and one kiddo this year :( ) We rent one honken house and we spend the week together on the beach. We have so many laughs and we build memories for the kiddos that will last a life time. During our week I take LOTS of pictures all in a relaxed style. On the last day we do a formal photos of all the families and you can see those on my face book page. (Allyson Causey Photography) But the good stuff is the all the lifestyle pictures that are from the week. Here are a few highlights from the week and I will start with the Drama! You know that when the Princess and her BFF, Mae get together and throw in some Sweet Cabell there is gonna be Drama and lots of it...

_DSC2383 w

The fight over the ball

_DSC2384 w

you know it is serious when The Princess swings her hair...

_DSC2402 w

but in the end Sweet Cabell Got her Ball!! "ME BALL"

_DSC2236 w

Then came the beach fight

_DSC2253 w

this time is was some brotherly love

_DSC2255 w

and Mae was NOT going to back down.

_DSC2277 w

and then she sat back and was very pleased with her destruction of her brothers sand castle

_DSC1975 w

Last but sure not the least Mae against the Ocean...

_DSC1979 w

And yes the Ocean won this one!

Tomorrow Let the Good Times Roll or Bail...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back In the Saddle...

arden stry bd w

Just returned from a little R & R and slowing getting back to the grind! It is officially SUMMER!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Time...

The kids are all having award ceremonies and the school year is winding down. Vacation is right around the bend and it could not get her fast enough. So glad to have the kiddos home for summer. (remind me that about mid July) My nephew is graduating from High School and will soon be heading to college. Summer brings so many changes so enjoy every moment as they will not be like this for long.

_DSC0048 w

remember times like this

_DSC0021-1 w

and sweet "little" faces like this!

_DSC1649 copy w

and snuggle extra long on Saturday mornings

_DSC1665 copy w

and take pictures of them looking like this bed head and all.

_DSC1597 copy w

because before you know it they look like this and before you know it, there gone off to live a life of their own. sniff sniff...
Boy life is short, so enjoy it all and take lots of pictures!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Daisy...

_DSC0015-1 w

Daisy! She has a hard, tough life. Her day consist of getting up to early and having to move to a downstairs couch to sleep until 10:00 am. Then she eats a little and goes back to sleep. When she is all rested and ready for some action she moves to couch and watches the many squirrels and birds that taunt her from the window. And just when she has had enough she climbs down and retreats to her kennel for an afternoon nap.

_DSC0017-1 w

Poor Little Daisy!!!

_DSC0018 w

Her rough and terrible Life!
_DSC0623 copy w

This week at i heart faces the theme is "All about Babies". Can you even imagine the cuteness involved in this one? Who the heck doesn't love a cute baby photo? Well I am all about it:) Here is my entry of little baby G. Don't forget to go over and see the rest just go HERE

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Good Stuff!

I read a blog post today from a very talent photographer and it really started me thinking about life and how "we" perceive it. Artistically and realistically. I am gonna be very real here and put my faults on the table. I have the hardest time with stressing about how people perceive my life. I am not talking about how we should care what people think of us as in our "character" but the image of what we want others to think about us. The good stuff no matter what it may look like. My life is no way shape or form perfect but each and everyday that I wake at 6:00 am to a crazy house, lunches to pack, a little princess demanding her chocolate milk with that irritating whiny voice or the load of laundry that I pass daily I am so stinking lucky. The good, the bad and the ugly. Sometime when I blog I only allow you to see what I want you to think or believe about my life but the truth is the "good stuff" is the "real stuff". We all have our ups and downs but that is what makes up who we are and it builds memories that we will one day share with our younger generations. I need to take my own advise and slow the heck down and enjoy the good moments and love the no so good moments. I need to live life and be {REAL}!

Here are some pictures that I was not going to bother editing or posting as the Princess's hair is just a mess and that would mess up the perception that I do not take 45 minutes a day to make sure she is polished and perfect.

_DSC1557 w

YIKES!! but this is the real Princess as I don't fix her hair perfect everyday...

_DSC1561 w

and she is just beautiful, being her

_DSC1574 w

yeah! the good stuff:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coming up for air...

The past 2-3 weeks have been a whirlwind and I won't go on as I know everyone has got their time issues. This past Saturday I took a few moments to go and take pictures of just {here}. The present and whatever else I was inspired to do. Just a quick stroll through our yard...

_DSC1364 w

The Roma Tomatoes in Daddio's garden are taking off

_DSC1368 w

and more buds are popping up everywhere

_DSC1370 w

Lettuce by the boat load

_DSC1373 w

and banana peppers galore

_DSC1381 w

and our potato plants are almost ready

_DSC1385 w

and my favorite "peppers" red, green and yellow!

_DSC1388 w

Holy bokeh!

_DSC1392 s

And the Princess's favorite cherry tomatoes. We grew these last year and they never made it to the house. She ate them as fast as we could pick them.

_DSC1394 w

even the pole beans are in bloom

_DSC1412 w

A "poofy-lion"

_DSC1427 w

another favorite by the princess:)
So nice to have some down town and get caught up on the things I love most!
Last night I was so excited to have my first Band Photo Shoot. I had so much stinking fun with this group. The Band is Wild at Heart. When we first heard them at a recent wedding Daddio and I talked about their talent for days! Here are a few from our session!

_DSC1183 copy w

There something about B&W and a Band it always has that Rocked Out feel.

_DSC1146 w

_DSC1201 w

_DSC1142 copy bw w

Thank you guys(and gal)and please remember your first photographer when you hit the "big time". I will let you know when the rest of your session is up.
Wow! You cannot get any more photogenic than this! Preview from a recent Couple Session.

_DSC1348 w

_DSC0932 copy w

_DSC1097 copy bw w

Definitely one of My Favs!

_DSC1115 copy w


Thank you K and J! Will let you know when the rest of you pictures are up.
Just a preview of the R Wedding! It was a hot and humid but it could not have been any more beautiful! Don't forget to view in HD

Congratulations and thank you for allowing me to share this special day!