Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To all the teachers!

Last week here in my neck of the woods we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week. With kiddos in high and middle school sometime it is difficult to celebrate each teacher as each child has up to 6 teachers but they need to join in on the fun too. So what we do every year is just give a simple but special gift to let them know they are thought of and appreciated. Here in our hometown teachers have really gotten the brunt of the economy woes. Not only are teacher pay pretty lame anyway but because of budgets they are getting a 2% pay cut:( I wanted to make sure that I did not let them think they were not valued by this family. This year we made a couple of batches of my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and with a little ribbon and packaging they were just perfect.


Yummo! Not only yummy but healthy too! (made with whole wheat flour and natural raw sugar)


tied up and ready to package!


Found these cute little bags from Target in the gift sections and they worked perfectly.


Lots of kids equals lots of teacher!

Thank you Teachers for all you invest in our future!

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