Monday, May 10, 2010


Last week the Princess was in a Sunshine Program at her school and the parents were invited to come and watch and then ended things off with a picnic. That same morning things were crammed a tad tight with errands I had to get done and then had to be back in time to make it for the program. While the getting the kids ready for school in the we hours of the morning, A-man was just having a "morning!" You know the kind where things were not going as planned? He was even late getting out the door and we both knew he probably would miss catching the bus. So me being the slacker mom that I am I let him stay home and have a day with me! So after our many errands and pit stop at target we headed to the program.


After we found our seats, the kids started piling out. Arden was very shocked to see mommy had a "brother" with her.

_DSC8095 c

She was so proud he was there!

_DSC8102 c

Then they began to line up and yes my princess was "the one" this fine day!

_DSC8107 c

Mae's class was out for recess so they took a seat to watch.

Then it began!

Then we finished the morning off with a picnic under the tree:)


Perfect Day for a Sunshine Program!


Kristi said...

Oh how cute! Boogers and all...

Karin said...

that is adorable! Glad I'm not the only mom whose child picks her nose. :) By the way...two of my girls have the very same dress!