Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Skip’s Summer School – Why I Want to Go.

Skip’s Summer School – Why I Want to Go. Well first of all duh, why wouldn't I want to go?

Okay I am about to get deep...(you've been warned) Most of my life I have had a dream of doing one thing or another but with the exception of one, have NEVER followed through with making it happen. Why? Me of course. I am my worst enemy. But the opportunity of doing something that has been a lifetime love of mine has seem to just fall into place. There are many pieces still missing and this workshop would be one more piece to my puzzle. This workshop is just not ANY workshop it is "the workshop". Could I register and go? Well yes maybe? But let's just say that for this Mama of four there are many other things that come before it food, house to live in, my never ending taxi service, college funds, oh the list could go on .... lol So winning this would help me take one step further to completing my dream not to mention it would make one heck of a ending to a summer full of kiddos in and out of my house eating everything in site!

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