Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Party!

Sunday we decided at the last minute to smoke some chickens have the family over and celebrate Benjy's B-day.

Daddio started early prepping the chickens and got them Smoking.....



Yummo... this is a true art (smoking meat) and Daddio has mastered it!


We had some dip and chips and Sweet Cabell parked herself close by


she dipped


and licked


and then dipped again... Double Dipper, YUK


Little Addy Cake holding on to her sweet little toes:)


the boys hung outside and played some lacrosse

_DSC0384 w

while the little ones played dolls even the "double dipper" joined in.


Cake time!


and we couldn't forget Paw Paw's "just a little" portion. hee hee hoo hoo


Then came the DRAMA....


and lots of it!


any guesses who was involved???


Sweet Cabell did the right thing and stayed WAY back


in a matter of a hundred tears and ton of whining all was good again.


and Addy Cake was just tickled she safe inside with Mama!

Never a Dull Moment and I wouldn't have it any other way:)


Karin said...

OK--HOW in the world did you get that great lighting in the cake photo? All of my kids' b-day photos turn our horrible because of the yellow light. ugh. HELP!! :)

Ally said...

Karin, I got one word. RAW!!! It is the only way that I am able to make it work. When shooting in RAW you can change the WB (temperature of the light). The straight out of camera shot was very yellow but moving around my wb in RAW editing helped me pull it off.