Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Track Star!

Track Season has finally come to an end! Last week was the last track meet which was the county meet. We had a great season and our Middle School won County Champ again for the 7th year in a row! WhooHooo!! Rog had his part in it this year and I could have not been more proud of him. His first event was the 800...


Getting Ready!

_DSC8136 c


stretching just like his coach taught him!


lining up!


Runners take you mark!


and go! he looks so serious...


and he finished 4th


with only a few minutes to catch his breath he was getting ready for his second event the 4x400

_DSC8188 c

he was the anchor in this relay and last meet he was up against the same guy in the black and he was beating them until the last 50 yards until Rog turned it ON and won! So there was history here people!


and it was about to unfold again...


and it did! and this is all I got as I was screaming for my Rog and he pulled through again!!
Rog My track Star:)

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