Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Love a Parade!!!!

Who doesn't love a parade? Saturday the crew and I (except the princess she had a overnight trip with grandma to the river) went to a local parade. Ben's JR ROTC was marching in it and we went along for some support and fun.

We arrived an hour early so we did a little exploring!


Boys found some Honey Suckles...


then one of these past by!


Then we sat and waited for the parade to start.


Rog decides to dig up dirt and sprinkle on his feet...
Rog stop digging this is someones yard and I am sure they would not appreciate it!
Gosh Mom, what do you expect we have 30 minutes before the parade starts and you have a ADHD child on NO Meds and I have had 2 cups of coffee!
Okay you have a point, dig away.


Then we finally saw this!


and the boys were at the beginning of the parade.


BONUS! then came the candy!


and the bagpipes!


and cannons...


and the Korean War Veterans...


was he not the best?


then came the cars and lots of them





can you get any more American than this?


then came the beads... and lots of them which were all taken by the princess when she arrived home from her trip.


the boys racked up on some beads, footballs, t-shirts and CANDY!


and what is a parade without fire trucks...


and then it was Done!


A-man wanted a do over!

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Karin said...

so fun!! I love small town parades. :) Great photos!!!