Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Times!


I had wonderful weekend filled with NOTHING! Awhh.... I had no plans and it was perfect. The past 4 weekends have been jammed packed with photo sessions, track meets, raiders comp and the list goes on so it was nice to stay at home and get some much needed things done. Saturday we even had Mae over to hang out and play. It was hot but that didn't stop these two from enjoying the outdoors.



Oh the faces that Mae gives...



and her fake smile whe she spots the camera...


and then we laugh about it and she looks like Mae again.

_DSC7959 copy bw

then my princess give me a look like this and it melts this Mama's heart!


and then another and I turn to mush!


then she brings me back to reality and gives me a little whine about her boo boo! (boy is four the whiny stage or what?)


and Ms. Diva Mae just smiles and shows me her manicured toes from "the shop" and insist I take a picture of them. I did!


We finished up the day walking Mae home and picking some flowers (aka: weeds is what daddio calls them).

Happy Monday Everyone! Wedding pics are coming soon. Just want to make sure the family has had a chance to view them first!


momwithfaithandhope said...

That picture of your princess that melted your heart is breath-taking. Absolutely breath-taking. She's beautiful in every sense of the word! Still can't wait to see the wedding shoot!

Kristi said...

So wonderful that you had the blessing of a quiet weekend. With no agenda. I would like to order one of those soon...
Such wonderful pictures of two beautiful little girls. I can totally see the beauty of their relationship.