Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Details!

The wedding! I can't even believe it is come and gone. I can only imagine what the family is feeling after all her planning and in one evening it is gone. I can remember back in January when D. called me to see if I would consider doing a wedding for a good friend who had seen my work. My first reaction was "No Way" I am so not ready for that. Well weeks later I found my self talking to T and booking the date. After our phone call I scramble to get together a wedding package and contract as we were meeting the following week. I did a lot of digging and with some help of from the wonderful ladies at Clickin Moms I got it done! The day finally arrived and here we are with a bunch of beautiful images and I have a set of wonderful new friends! I am so very thankful for all the wonderful people in my life that support me and push me to believe in myself! Okay, I didn't mean to get all mushy but I am being real here! I am so very blessed!

Now onto the wedding! Here are a few pictures of the details of the big day!

_DSC0001 web

Where the ceremony took place.

details 2 web

the dress stry web

The Dress! Oh so beautiful!

details 3 web

the rings, bouquet and oh the shoes!

_DSC0029 web

This one was the chandler that was hanging in the pavilion where the ceremony took place. One of my favorite shots... and Daddio took this one!

details 1 web

_DSC7050 web

_DSC0112 web

Oh for the love of details!!! Each of them were so carefully thought out and made the day so very special.


Catherine said...

Weddings are your thing! These are gorgeous. I love DETAILS!

Kristi said...

Um, so Ian and I are totally going to have to get married again so that you can take some pictures for us...

Karin said...

Oh my goodness...the photos are BEAUTIFUL! You did a spectacular job!! Love the detailed shots..so gorgeous.

So Clickn Moms...I've been wondering if I should join. Sounds like you are a fan....