Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Big Day!

Before the ceremony we were behind the scenes capturing the moments before they walked down the isle. Emotions were high but this group still knew how to laugh even while under pressure.

First up the guys, Daddio had a chance to photograph them when they arrived and were getting their final touches...

_DSC0151 web

The Groom

_DSC0153 web

Having a Moment with his Dad.

_DSC0161 web

Daddio got a few shots of them together

_DSC6451 web

this is one I captured, I just know all that is running through his mind!

The Girls!

_DSC6214 web

Not only were her shoes just gorgeous! she even added a little meaningful touch to them! So cute:)

_DSC6220 web

Can I just say that she was even Beautiful with curlers in her hair.

_DSC6218 web

and obviously it runs in the family, all of them were just gorgeous in curlers... Mother, bride and sister... yes I am a hater!!

_DSC6282 web

Another emotion filled photo! Such a big day ahead...

_DSC6333 web

then it was time for the stunning dress

_DSC6367 web

then mom surprised her with a special gift!

_DSC6371 bw web

Love this one!

_DSC6398 web

this why I have learned not to delete photos on your camera until you have come home and uploaded them. This was a "mistake" overexposed but it turned out to be one of my most favorite photo. So Beautiful! I shot this while she was looking in the mirror before heading out.

_DSC6419 bw web

In the car waiting on daddy to drive her over to meet her groom:)

_DSC6445 web

How cool was this car! It was her grandfathers pride and joy (with good reason) it was another detail that put so much meaning into the day....


Karin said...

Such beautiful shots and wonderful memories captured. Can't wait to see more!

momwithfaithandhope said...

BEAUTIFUL. Great job, and I especially love the one of her reflection. How you got the exposure just right on the one of her sitting in the car is amazing, and how in the world did you capture the car photo?! You're so talented.

Andrea said...

Wow! The shoes were so cute.