Saturday, May 29, 2010

Give Me Some LOVE!!

I have entered one of my photos in a contest with PPA (professional photographers of america). It is probably one of my most favorite pictures I have ever taken. The light, the mood, the colors, the eyes.... oh I could go on. IF you could just take a few moments and go to the link below and vote:) Thanks to all my blog buddies!!!

(just click HERE below)

PPA Photo Cover Contest: HERE

Have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Congrats Mae!


Yesterday Mae Celebrated her Preschool Graduation! I can't believe she is going to School. Yep, she is leaving her BFF back at preschool and moving on to bigger and better things. Look out Kindergarten a new Boss is coming to Town!


and apparently she enjoys picking her nose...


and is a Diva!


after the ceremony was over we headed out to Apple bee's the Girls favorite to celebrate!


Even big brothers came along


and Retired PawPaw


Getting out of school early and their feeding me too!!! Yeah I am there.


and as ALWAYS when Mae and The Princess are together


there has got to be some drama

Congratulations Mae, I love you like one of my Own:)
Can it get any sweeter than this?

_DSC0623 copy w

Or This?

_DSC0664 w


_DSC0720 web

One of my Fav:)

Thank you C Family for allowing me photograph your beautiful family. I will let you know when you slide show is up.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Party!

Sunday we decided at the last minute to smoke some chickens have the family over and celebrate Benjy's B-day.

Daddio started early prepping the chickens and got them Smoking.....



Yummo... this is a true art (smoking meat) and Daddio has mastered it!


We had some dip and chips and Sweet Cabell parked herself close by


she dipped


and licked


and then dipped again... Double Dipper, YUK


Little Addy Cake holding on to her sweet little toes:)


the boys hung outside and played some lacrosse

_DSC0384 w

while the little ones played dolls even the "double dipper" joined in.


Cake time!


and we couldn't forget Paw Paw's "just a little" portion. hee hee hoo hoo


Then came the DRAMA....


and lots of it!


any guesses who was involved???


Sweet Cabell did the right thing and stayed WAY back


in a matter of a hundred tears and ton of whining all was good again.


and Addy Cake was just tickled she safe inside with Mama!

Never a Dull Moment and I wouldn't have it any other way:)

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Birthday Wish for Jen!

Not only is it my Ben's Birthday but my niece is shares this day too... They live out of town so I am sending Jen many ((((((HUGS)))))) and wishing her a Happy!!!!

15 Years Ago Today, I held Benjy for the first time. My first born. The time has just flown by so quickly. He will be entering a the years that most kids can't wait for and parents dread, driving. Yikes! We are so proud of the wonderful young man he has grown to be.

1. He is the spitting image of his daddy.
2. He is the MESSIEST child ever!!!!
3. He is so very compasionate
4. He is so loyal to each of his friends
5. He is a total smart tail and sarcastic
6. When he was 3 he called Pringles "Chips in a Cup"
7. He want to be an Army Ranger
8. Very Simple...
9. Teachers love him
10. Has the proudest parents in the world:)

Happy Birthday Ben We Love YOU!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Friday!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Don't forget to View in High Res for Full Screen!
Can you say "Rock Star"? The G Family looked like they had stepped right out of a magazine! We picked the perfect location and after the third try the weather showed some favor on us. Here is a few from todays session!

_DSC8966 w

My Favorite from the Day!

_DSC9085 w

Just Adorable...

_DSC9116 w

how could she not be with Parents that look like this!

G Family thank you for allowing me to photograph your family. And thank you K not J for humoring the lame photographer who can't get a name right...
I was so lucky to have spent my evening with the CRAZIEST Bunch EVER!! It was their Senior Prom night and I tagged along to get some great photos of them before and even at Senior Walk. More to come but here is a little preview.

_DSC8410 web

_DSC8791 w

The Guys Idea of a "Great Photo"

_DSC8671 w

If I am judging our future from this group we are in good shape!

Thanks P.H. Gang for allowing me to share the evening with you all... My cheeks are still hurting from laughter.

Friday, May 14, 2010

As If.....

_DSC3658 w

As if you do not see enough of my kiddos here...

_DSC3661 w

but because it is Friday!!!! and my family Rocks!!!

_DSC3659 w

And life is Good!!! Not perfect but Good:)
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Love a Parade!!!!

Who doesn't love a parade? Saturday the crew and I (except the princess she had a overnight trip with grandma to the river) went to a local parade. Ben's JR ROTC was marching in it and we went along for some support and fun.

We arrived an hour early so we did a little exploring!


Boys found some Honey Suckles...


then one of these past by!


Then we sat and waited for the parade to start.


Rog decides to dig up dirt and sprinkle on his feet...
Rog stop digging this is someones yard and I am sure they would not appreciate it!
Gosh Mom, what do you expect we have 30 minutes before the parade starts and you have a ADHD child on NO Meds and I have had 2 cups of coffee!
Okay you have a point, dig away.


Then we finally saw this!


and the boys were at the beginning of the parade.


BONUS! then came the candy!


and the bagpipes!


and cannons...


and the Korean War Veterans...


was he not the best?


then came the cars and lots of them





can you get any more American than this?


then came the beads... and lots of them which were all taken by the princess when she arrived home from her trip.


the boys racked up on some beads, footballs, t-shirts and CANDY!


and what is a parade without fire trucks...


and then it was Done!


A-man wanted a do over!