Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunny Days!

It has been absolutely beautiful here the past week!  You can not help but be outdoors while there is daylight.  If only it could stay like this year round (minus the green haze) it would just be perfect!!


Daddio has been putting his last bit of work into his square foot gardening.


These are the cages he made to keep the critters out until the plants mature a little. He is so handsome when he is gardening!

_DSC5227 copy web

The princess has been enjoying the weather too!

_DSC5234 web

Mae is even loving being outside.


Even Addy Cake is digging the sunshine!

_DSC5239 web

And I am loving the green and full of color scenery

_DSC5242 web

This Wisteria smells as good as it looks

_DSC5263 web

Awh... The color

_DSC5284 web

Don't you just love Spring after a cold grey winter? Holla!!

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Kristi said...

Yes, if only something could be done about seasonal allergies I'd be content to be in "eternal spring." And wisteria is perhaps my favorite part of spring. I love the dainty purple flowers and intoxicating smell!