Friday, April 23, 2010

More from the Island!

_DSC0004 mh

My little Early riser!


Morning Scenery...

After everyone emerged from sleeping we headed to the beach

_DSC0010 web

the kids found some interesting things

_DSC0017 web


_DSC0057 mh web

the big boys decided to have a little sand fun!

_DSC0059 mh web

A-man was the lucky candidate to get buried

_DSC0067 mh web

the little ones decided to join in

_DSC0097 mh web

and the gremlin was fast a work!

_DSC0116 mh web

the boyz being boyz!

_DSC0124 mh web

and the sweet girls!

_DSC0118 mh web

then the whole crew!

_DSC0047 mh web

then it was time for a snack

_DSC0047 mh web

isn't she just as sweet as those berries:)

_DSC0050 mh web

oh yes!

_DSC0064 mh web

and that wraps up our weekend at the island! Awhh... Good times!


Jennifer Bowen said...

Hi, Ally! I know I haven't stalked your blog lately. LOL I've been a really busy bee. I do love looking at your adventures photos. Such fun!

Karin said...

Beautiful pics and looks like you had a blast!

Can you email me at I have some questions about LWB photos. :)

Kristi said...

Fun pictures. I didn't think you'd be able to top the boys picture from last summer with all of them jumping into the swimming pool, but it seems that you did!