Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Hunt... Part 1

After we got dressed and had our group photos done we went to Easter Church Service at my parents church. This is kind of a tradition that on "special" occasions it means a lot to my mom and dad if we are all together for church service. It was a wonderful service honoring the One who gave His Life for us. It still amazes me the selfless and painful Gift He gave that day. But... in the end it is wonderful knowing that "our team wins" and He is Alive!!! Even the girls (Arden and Mae) saw Jesus on that Easter Morning. Mae was so excited about it she shouted it across the church hall "Momma! We saw Jesus in our class and he even gave me a Hug!!"

After we collected the kids we headed out to the church grounds for the annual Easter Egg Hunt!


Rog giving the Princess some tips. He told her to Go for the Nucleus, aka the large amount in the middle!


And she did just that!


Mae followed close behind. As you can see from the eggs there was REALLY No big HUNT in the Egg hunt.


Her brothers technique paid off well.


Once in the car she dug right in!

_DSC4446 web

A-man knew just who to sit by in the car coming home.

_DSC4447 web

The one with the Loot!

Tomorrow... the drama at our easter gathering!


Our Journey said...

We went to a similar Easter hunt down-town on Saturday -- cracks me up the entire fields full of eggs. Anne Marie was so overwhelmed w/ all the eggs & kids running to them...

Our Journey said...

We were @ an egg hunt on Sat. where the eggs were thrown all over the field on Sat. Anne Marie was a little overwhelmed w/ it all & all the running kids. Funny!