Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Morning

Just as the Sun Hit the Horizon Little Princess Hit the floor ready to see what the Easter Bunny brought. So after waking up "the boys" we headed down to see the Loot!


He left the princess a basket full of candy and her favorite "shoes". Mae has these same shoes and she has had her eye on them for a week. They are from target and just adorable they are a knock off look of Lelli Kellys. So stinking cute!


A-man did not waste any time digging in!


He even took little power naps in between bites...


Thank you Easter Bunny for sending breakfast!

Then before heading off to Church we had a photo moment, Causey Style!


Missing One!


There he is and he is so glad to be there... Just look at the joy on his face.


Almost but the Princess is a little distracted.


All looking but still not done!


Can you just feel the love here?


Then a little drama showed up between Rog and Princess

_DSC4403 web

So I just gave up and settled for this.

Next up Easter Egg Hunt number 1...


Karin said...

That last photo is so precious!!! Your boys look about as happy to get photos taken as mine do. Sigh...

Kristi said...

Hmm, and I thought getting toddlers to smile at the same time was diffiult...
Glad you got at least one good one!

Amy T said...

I love it, I love ever little comment of the so true life of a family. Awesome!!!