Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Drama!


After Church Service We Went to my parents house with the rest of the gang and had a the Annual Easter Egg Hunt Gibson Style. (the photo above is another one of my wonderful mothers creative table center pieces)

_DSC4473 mh

First up was the smaller kiddos!


They hunted...


and hunted...


Cabell was so excited this was the first year she could participate!


Then PawPaw began round 2 of the hunt for the big kids!


He made sure NO one was peeking!

_DSC4572 web web

Some were hidden good


some, well not so good!


and then they were off!


and they hunted...


and hunted


Jack Pot!


A-man took this very serious... this was not candy in those eggs it was cold hard CASH!!


With the Golden and Silver Egg still out they got serious!


One down!


then two!


Then it was time to count the loot!


They even added a twist this year and put some messages instead of $$$... Tricksters!!
What a wonderful tradition that kids will remember for a lifetime. Thanks Mom and Dad!

I promise I am almost done! Tomorrow I have SERIOUS DRAMA... Here is just a teaser


The return of the Gremlin!

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Our Journey said...

What a SWEET idea! The $ and the little "trick" eggs...great idea to keep the big kids involved. And I love how serious your Dad looks while he's hiding those easter eggs! Looked like a great time!