Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Drama and beautiful faces!

The Drama!


The Gremlin was a tad bit ticked at me cause I was taking his picture. (he had gum stuck to the back of his neck and we all had a laugh. Okay, how the heck did that happen???)




and then all of the sudden the Gremlin decided to surface! He is so threating me with that water gun...


Sweet Cabell (aka Gremlin in training) was swiping the loot out of Mae's basket


She was hooking herself up!




Let's take a trip down memory lane here. Remember these little worms that had the clear string that you move around. Let's just say SOMEONE was deathly afraid of this pink fury guy!


Guess Who?


Poor Mae


Then there were Two!


Mae was not sticking around for this, she was ready to hit the road!

_DSC4619 web

Then her DAD came and save the day!


Then came the Swing "incident"


Mae was NOT feeling the Love while the Princess was pushing a little to high!


and she was getting pretty ticked off!


then she let the Princess Have it! Just look at that Attitude!


Then Miss Priss stomped off with arms folded!


which didn't last long as she was quickly distracted...

Now on to Beautiful Faces!


_DSC4568 mh web

_DSC4565 web

_DSC4546 copy

_DSC4515 web

_DSC4535 mh web

And Last but not least The Beloved Shoes!

_DSC4537 mh web

which by the way, was broken in real well! Sweet Cabell decided to give them a little test run while having a blow-out! Needless to say the beloved shoes had a little extra design added to them. Yikes!!! And that is the end of our Easter!

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Karin said...

Beautiful photos--despite the unhappiness of some of the kids. :) That swing + your neice in that white dress = swoon! :)