Monday, April 19, 2010

At the Island

This past weekend we were blessed with a weekend away at The Island At Winter Harbor with family. Really it is an Island, you have to get there by boat! (okay only a 5 minute boat ride)  I cannot put into words how cool this place was.  This is the perfect place to GET AWAY from it all and relax, no cable or internet. (we did have cell phone service) The kids had so much fun exploring and hanging out with their cousins.

_DSC0075 mh web

The house from the beach!

_DSC0053 mh

the pier leading out to were the boat comes in

_DSC0055 mh web

but when the tide is high you can ride it all the way up to the back of the house

_DSC0056 mh web

Greg and Daddio arriving back from picking up my Mom and Dad!

_DSC0066 web

the beach and the little dots in the distance is the kiddos exploring trying to find  arrow heads.  (which by the way I found the BEST one)  I don't know the whole history on it but this area is known for finding arrow heads.

_DSC0077 web

and a shell hunters dream...

_DSC0081 mh web

and scenery that tickles any photo nuts fancy!!

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Kristi said...

What I wouldn't give right now for a weekend like that with family...
so glad you were able to enjoy it!