Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another 2011 Senior!

Tonight I got to photograph another rising 2011 Senior for my Senior Rep Program. A was so much fun!! She had me cracking up the entire shoot! She not only had a wonderful personality but she was beautiful too! Oh and she had the coolest name ever! (give you a hint it is the same as mine) hee hee.... Here is a little preview from our session!

_DSC7568 copy web

First shot out of the camera! Beautiful:)

_DSC7611 copy web

We met up at a local shopping center that had the coolest bright color walls. Thanks Sam for that tip!

_DSC7881 copy bw web

and then to one of my most favorite places, such beautiful light...

Thank you A and mom for such a fun evening! I will let you know when your slideshow is ready!
Oh I dream, drool and play out in my head going to this workshop!  Over at The Love Affair Blog they are having some fun giveaways and at the end of the week they will be giving away a seat at the Workshop in Dallas.  Oh So Sweet!!!

“I want to win the Get It Together Kit & a seat to Love Affair Workshop. GO read the details and register!”

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i heart faces, smile

_DSC4515 web

This week over at i heart faces the theme is smile! This is my niece Cabell wearing one of the sweetest smiles ever!!! I even love the orea cookie crumbs that are still on her face:) Don't forget to head over to i heart faces and see the rest of the entries, just go HERE

Early in April I had my first Bridal Session for my first wedding. She was absolutely stunning! She was beautiful from the inside and out! We started the session meeting up and I hitched a ride with them to the location where the wedding was to be held. With in the first 5 minutes of the 40 minute ride we all felt like family! I had so much fun and laughed more than I have in weeks. These girls (mom, sister and bride) were a hoot!

Here are a few of my favorites from the Bridal Session...

_DSC3730 web

This was over looking where the ceremony was going to be held!

_DSC3746 copy web

Okay now you know I wasn't fibbing when I told you how beautiful she was!

_DSC3748 web

and her million dollar Smile!

_DSC3752 copy web

totally contagious!

_DSC3782 copy web

My absolute FAVORITE!!!

_DSC3783 web

oh and this one too!

_DSC3840 copy web

Her Mom is an Amazing Hair Dresser so she worked her magic

_DSC3859 copy web

Even the pear and cherry trees bloomed just for us!

_DSC3887 web

loved this one too! kinda sultry...

_DSC3906 web

oh heck this was my fav too!

_DSC3938 mh web

and this one

_DSC3964 copy web

_DSC4006 web

and this one was so "her"

strybd web

finished it up by throwing down some Fun!

I have the best clients in the world! and I'll say it again They Rock!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

My First Wedding!

This weekend I shot my first Wedding. The weather called for rain and more rain but it held out and it was perfect! Overcast and which made the colors so saturated!  I could not have planned it any better, well okay maybe a sunset would have been better.  lol   I was so thrilled to have my Daddio accompany me as my assistant/second shooter. He did such an amazing job while shooting in Manual the whole time. It was really neat sharing this first big event with him by my side cheering me on. I can't wait to share some highlights of the day but until then here is a little teaser from the Bridal Session we did earlier in April.

_DSC4047 web

Friday, April 23, 2010

More from the Island!

_DSC0004 mh

My little Early riser!


Morning Scenery...

After everyone emerged from sleeping we headed to the beach

_DSC0010 web

the kids found some interesting things

_DSC0017 web


_DSC0057 mh web

the big boys decided to have a little sand fun!

_DSC0059 mh web

A-man was the lucky candidate to get buried

_DSC0067 mh web

the little ones decided to join in

_DSC0097 mh web

and the gremlin was fast a work!

_DSC0116 mh web

the boyz being boyz!

_DSC0124 mh web

and the sweet girls!

_DSC0118 mh web

then the whole crew!

_DSC0047 mh web

then it was time for a snack

_DSC0047 mh web

isn't she just as sweet as those berries:)

_DSC0050 mh web

oh yes!

_DSC0064 mh web

and that wraps up our weekend at the island! Awhh... Good times!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A quick preview for D and G

This evening I had the pleasure to photograph to beginnings, A mom to be and a 2011 Senior. I had so much fun and felt right at home with these two. I just love when clients choose locations that fit who they are and this session was no exception. Here are a few previews from the sessions, Enjoy:)

Nothing more beautiful than a Mom to be!

_DSC5709 copy web

_DSC5778 copy web

next up the rising Senior

_DSC5970 copy web

_DSC5816 web

Such a talented young man.
ME!!!  I won the giveaway over at Prop Insanity.  She was giving away one of her new Glee Camera Bags.  It is Oh so stylish and practical. This is my first blog giveaway win!!  WhooHoo!!  It was a great treat in the middle of a hectic week.  I have been a ball of nerves as my FIRST WEDDING is Saturday!!!!  I am excited and nervous all the same. I had the pleasure of doing her Bridal Portraits a few weeks back but haven't been able to share them just quite yet.  I can't wait to show you, she is the most beautiful bride and loads of fun!  I have the BEST clients in the world. Say a prayer for me to be calm and let the magic happen:)

Don't forget to go here to check out the what my new bag looks like!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday A-man!

aaron easter sunday

Today we are celebrating my youngest son's 12th Birthday!  I cannot  express with words how proud I am of this young man of mine!  I am always proud of my kids but lately I have had floods of teachers and administrators speak of my sweet A-man.  Here is a recent letter that he received in the mail from his guidance counselor from school.  (which for the record in all my years of kids going through school we have NEVER gotten a birthday card from school)

The Card Read:

A little birthday wish for you....

May all your Birthday dreams come true!
Aaron, I hope you'll have the happiest birthday ever!  Guess what?  The angels were rejoicing the day you were born.  Eat lots of cake and ice cream.  You're incredible and you will make a difference in the world.  I am thrilled that I will be your school counselor throughout your middle school years.  Have a fun day!
Mrs. H, School Counselor

I admit I cheated and opened before he did and let me tell you it brought tears to this Mamma's eyes!

Happy Birthday My Sweet Aaron!  We Love you!!!

_DSC1641 web

_DSC4447 web

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i heart faces, collage

Weekend Collage

This week at i heart faces is collage week.  I took a few pictures of the girls playing  (The Princess and her cousin aka, BFF) at the island this past weekend and made a collage from a template from MCP Action.  I just love the relationship between these two.  They are just so comfortable and real around each others.  This could be a little lesson we could all learn about friendships, being real???
 Don't forget to go over and see the rest of the entries, just click HERE.

I have recently joined a wonderful group of people as a volunteer with  Love Without Boundaries.   I am a Photo Coordinator  and help organize all the beautiful photos that come in from the 5 different programs; Medical, Healing Homes, Education, Foster Care and Orphanage Assistance.  I can't tell you how wonderful this has been for me.  I get to see first hand what a differences people can make by taking a step and helping.  Seeing each of those precious little faces have life changing surgeries and watching people across the world work together for the good of these children.  It is the Gospel!  This is what we were instructed to do, help the widows and the orphans.  Which brings me to the "Want to Help?"  This week April the 22nd Love Without Boundaries will host their annual "Born in Our Hearts" auction.  Please go and check out all the wonderful things they have and bid!!! bid away!!!   This year the auction proceeds will fund any child  who requires immediate surgery or intervention to save their life. Go HERE if you would like more information on all the details!  and don't forget to set your calendars and go to their ebay store with all of the great items

Monday, April 19, 2010

At the Island

This past weekend we were blessed with a weekend away at The Island At Winter Harbor with family. Really it is an Island, you have to get there by boat! (okay only a 5 minute boat ride)  I cannot put into words how cool this place was.  This is the perfect place to GET AWAY from it all and relax, no cable or internet. (we did have cell phone service) The kids had so much fun exploring and hanging out with their cousins.

_DSC0075 mh web

The house from the beach!

_DSC0053 mh

the pier leading out to were the boat comes in

_DSC0055 mh web

but when the tide is high you can ride it all the way up to the back of the house

_DSC0056 mh web

Greg and Daddio arriving back from picking up my Mom and Dad!

_DSC0066 web

the beach and the little dots in the distance is the kiddos exploring trying to find  arrow heads.  (which by the way I found the BEST one)  I don't know the whole history on it but this area is known for finding arrow heads.

_DSC0077 web

and a shell hunters dream...

_DSC0081 mh web

and scenery that tickles any photo nuts fancy!!