Monday, March 1, 2010

Special Visitors!

We had some special visitors last weekend. One of our Chinese's families was passing through Va and stayed a couple of nights with us. We also called another one our Chinese families that live pretty close and made a "mini" reunion of it. The girls are now getting older and are really starting to bond. It is so special watching them connect and build friendship. First we all meet up at a local mall for a Chinese New Year Celebration that was total craziness! We missed it all the lion dance, dragon parade and all. How? Don't really know! After dealing with the massive crowds for awhile we all headed back to our house to hang out. The girls did not waste anytime and got down to business right away.

_DSC1896 web

Baby Dolls and Dress Up!

_DSC1897 web

Then onto an adventure! We loaded up the girls and headed to the Spa! lol

_DSC1903 web

Divas and Dudes that is. (my sister owns a children's hair salon and I made an appointment for the girls to get their diva on)

_DSC1907 web

Emmi checking out here manicure

_DSC1908 web

Even Mae joined in and meet all of Arden's Chinese Sisters that she has heard so much about.

_DSC1913 web

Hmmm... are they dry yet?

_DSC1914 web

No words for this one!

_DSC1919 web

A little playtime in the waiting area as they wait for their hair to be done

_DSC1925 web

Emmi was up first!

_DSC1929 web

This is what Mae and Arden were doing while waiting. Fighting Bad Guys with Swords made from magic markers stuck together

_DSC1937 web

And obviously they need another plan as they have "died" Can you tell who has big brothers at home?

_DSC1944 web

meanwhile Coo Coo (aka My lil sista) is putting the finishing touches on Emmi's hair.

_DSC1947 web

Then it was Anne Marie's turn

_DSC1949 web

Emmi had a very important phone call to take


and it must have been something pretty Serious!

_DSC1956 web

Arden's turn! Bonus... she even got a bang trim!

_DSC1968 web

The best part was a little pixie dust and a sucker!

_DSC1971 web

Beautiful! Then to the Diva Couch for a photo shoot! Thank you Coo Coo for making the girls feel so very special! You Rock!


Cindy M said...

I just love it when the girls get to visit their China sisters! It's always such fun! That sounds like so much fun! We may just have to make a detour there on our way east some day!

Great photos, as always!

Ally said...

Cindy you are welcome anytime you are passing through!

Karin said... cute is that?! I love it! Looks like so much fun and the girls looked beautiful.

Jenny Wheelis said...

These are totally precious! I am so jealous... it is hard living SOOOOO far away! Bless you guys! What a special day!