Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainy Monday!

Yesterday was a VERY rainy Monday! This weekend I have a Photo session and needed to brush up on some of my Strobist (using my off camera lighting) technique. So I stayed in my PJ's until lunchtime time and immersed myself in any resource I could find, the wonders of the internet. Then I got dressed and put it into action. There was flash going off like mad! Anything and everything got a taste of it yesterday. By the end of the day my whole family was seeing flashes of light.

_DSC3510 web

First up was My Princess.

_DSC3502 web

Then she got a little antsy and irritated and quit on me.

_DSC3466 web

Next up was Daisy, but she wouldn't look at me!

_DSC3506 web

then Daddio and then I was starting to mess up his "zone" while playing bejeweled...
(he still so handsome:)

_DSC3462 web

Okay is this a tad disturbing, the doll that is. This is the Liv Doll that caused all the drama the day before. You can pull off her hair and change her "wig".
Well she was my next victim and she didn't complain one time.

_DSC3517 web

Then the boys came home...

_DSC3540 web

and even the neighborhood kid decided to play along, spptt.. I had to bribe them with a cool facebook picture.

_DSC3565 web

Worked like a charm....

_DSC3530 web

_DSC3563 web

Then the sun was gone and I was done. A day full learning:)


Karin said...

Love, love, love the second one of your princess. :) Is the light from the flash behind her? Very cool...

Ally said...

Yes Karin, it is from the flash. I used a SB600 off camera to the cameras right. I agree it came out just perfect:)

Our Journey said...

You are right ...that doll is a little frightning..and I love that you took a pic. of it. The pic's of A and the boys are great!