Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Raiders Weekend!

This weekend my oldest "my Ben" had a Raiders Competition. He is in the JR ROTC at his school and they have a Physical Training Team aka Raiders and Ben is on it. It all started bright and early Saturday Morning and ended about 5 in the afternoon. LONG DAY, especially for him. They started the day off doing push-ups, sit-ups and first aid. Then came the mile run and then orienteering (I think that is how it is spelled) which is another long hike in the woods. All finished up by a 5k run. It made me tired just watching. Lucky for me it was at our home field and I was able to stop in and visit during the day.


Here is the team lining up getting ready for the 5K. My Ben is the one with the "flag" aka Guidon bearer. (see Denise, you taught me how to spell it correctly so much army lingo to learn and Oh did you see Ben sporting his new canteen. Thanks George!)

_DSC2923 web

When I saw this picture it made me cry!! Sniff Sniff... he looks like such a man where did this little boy go??

Sprouse 101

Sniff Sniff

_DSC2930 web

Yep all grown up!


After wiping my tears, I caught them lined up ready to run. The little princess wanted to know where was "her Ben" because she said "There are Lots of Bens, Mom"


Then they were off! And it was an off course run so we had some waiting to do!


No worries though, with these two I had plenty of entertainment.


I am not normally a fan of "playing" on the bleachers but Rog said he would be very careful and go slow.


Being the "good" brother he is he made sure they scooted down


Can I just say these two are just two peas in a pod! "I love it"


And before we knew it, they were back!


Go Ben!


Then it was back to waiting for the award ceremony. So Roger picked up my camera and began snapping some pictures of his own.


He has the whole "rule of thirds" down but needs some help with composition and light


Then it was time and the teams were lining up.


They had individual awards and team awards. That is Ben's team leader "G" and he won for fastest mile. Go "G"


The team won first in First Aid!

_DSC2975 web

Then I won for "Proudest Mama" there!


momwithfaithandhope said...

Enjoyed seeing your Proudest Mama photos. They grow up so fast, don't they? Loved the two peas in a pod scootin' down the bleachers - very sweet. . .

Cindy M. said...

Ah, brings back memories...Jon and I were in ROTC in college...that's actually where we met. I seriously DO NOT miss that stuff on my face. Okay, I don't miss the green clothes, either. Now that I think about it, I don't miss that 5 am thing. But there were some fun times, too!

I know you must be so proud! I'm finding it hard myself to see how much my older ones have grown in the last couple of years!

Karin said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw your son in Army fatigues, having just returned from seeing my son in his. Great pics--as always. From one proud Mama to another... :)