Friday, March 19, 2010

Lets Talk About Storage!

Today's Share Friday will be for everyone! If you are reading my blog chances are you have a computer. Most likely you computer also has tons of your info on it ex. photos, documents, music and so much more. Well I am speaking from first hand experience MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR FILES!!!!! Let me say that again MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR FILES!!!!! This past February my hard drive crashed and it was a MESS! I even have an external Hard-drive to back up my photos and business stuff on but there were a few things that I had not backed up (lost them) and the other Music and documents that I did not think of were wiped away. Poof! Gone Gone Gone!

I got to thinking and I wanted to prevent this from happening in the future so I started digging on way to prevent that. What did I find? I found Back Blaze! Awh.... My new Best Friend! For $5 a month you have the security of know that your files are backed up safe and sound. What makes it even better is it does it for me when I am sleeping! Every night it auto backs up what I have done for the day. So today my Share Friday is Go now and back up those files! There are many other companies but this is just the one someone suggested to me. It really doesn't matter how you do it just do it!

And because every post it so much better with a photo here is oldie but goodie and the fact that I have Spring Fever!

arden 6

Next Friday we will be talking about White Balance! Have a Great Weekend.

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Kristi said...

Thanks for the back up reminder. My personal guru is trying to decide what service we are going to use.
And I love that photo!