Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Coo Coo!

Yesterday the gang came down and we celebrated my younger sisters birthday! We were missing a few kiddos from the normal crowd but it did not seem to make any difference in the "craziness".

_DSC3333 webg

Coo Coo is recently recovering from 2 different surgeries so she was up to a photo. So she featured her beautiful flowers her Little Mae picked for her.

_DSC3332 web

Started the evening off with a bang (or shove for that matter). This is Carson, just look at those baby blues. Who wouldn't believe a word he says! He came in "pouting" his brother pushed him and hurt his arm (1 hour afer the attack) guess he didn't want to stop what he was doing earlier to come and tell. LOL

_DSC3337 web

This is big brother Mason, now who would you believe the sweet baby blue eyed boy or this boy whose smile just screams TROUBLE!!! (he is really sweet to just a little on the wild side)

_DSC3350 copy web

Finally, after that drama was calmed down we went back our important business, Chit Chatting about anything and everything. Mimi was filling us in on all the latest old school news.


My Mom was intensely listening while Addy Cake was in training mode she will getting in on the good stuff one day!

_DSC3341 web

One more Melt Down before cake! This time it my Little Princess and Mae and Cabell were watching while staying at safe distance. (would have had a shot of her but she was to tight to my leg I couldn't move, yikes!)

_DSC3347 web

Cabell just could not believe how long this went on, all over a "liv" doll wig!! Okay let's be real here she was acting like "a BRAT"

_DSC3357 web

Then it was time for Cake!

_DSC3362 web

Mae was just beside herself waiting!

_DSC3367 web

She was picking "her flower", there was only one pink one so things were getting a little intense. 1 pink flower and 3 little girls....hmmm.. Oh yeah it is my mom's birthday, I can get the pink flower and after the way my Princess acted she definitely was NOT getting the only pink flower!

_DSC3370 web

I think Cabell had here own ideas and didn't need the pink flower she had an alternative snack. Hee hee ho ho ho!!!!

_DSC3363 web

Happy Birthday Coo Coo!!

_DSC3371 web

And then of course my dad always gets his fair share of the cake.

_DSC3372 web

He has come to expect this now but shared with us he is the one laughing as he gets one more bit than all of us. We give him his "just a smidgen plate" and then he gets a real portion. He is pretty sneaky!

_DSC3375 web

There is the little stinker!

_DSC3380 web

And My Ben looks just thrilled to be there!

_DSC3392 web

Carson with his great table manners and look he is so responsible he even washed his filthy hands....NOT! But thats okay he has those baby blues!

_DSC3389 web

Then we finished off the evening watching Cabell react from the bottle filled MOUNTAIN DEW she just downed, Thanks PawPaw! Not the caffeine free sprite, milk or water it was the Mountain Dew the most sugar the most caffeinated drink EVER!

_DSC3390 web

and cake!

It was a normal fun but crazy evening with the family! I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Our Journey said...

Looks like you all had a great party! I hope your sister had a nice b-day. I was just telling someone the other day about her shop & how sweet she was to have us all down there! By the way - Love the picture of the nose-picking!!!!