Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful Allie!

This weekend the skies were full of sunshine. I needed some photos for marketing my Senior Business on Facebook and Allie was game. I have had these visions in my head of what I wanted and she played along. Thanks Allie for trusting me. You totally Rocked OUT!! How you can be so natural and glamorous at the same time puzzles me but You got it, inside and out. Here are some of my favorites

_DSC2498 fbmh web

_DSC2513 fb sc web

_DSC2501 copy fbsv web

_DSC2533 copy cr web

_DSC2674 fb vh web

These are my Fav!

_DSC2646 copy fb vh web

_DSC2749 copy fb mh web


Kristi said...

Natural and glamorous at the same time is a beautiful combination. I have a dear friend who is a combo of both as well.
And that shot of her walking in the woods in the dress? Should totally be an album cover. Really!

Karin said...

Beautiful photos! LOVE the close-up!