Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Comes

Just as predicted it snowed and snowed and snowed! Now I know you folks who get real SNOW! laugh at our 12 inches of snow and that is okay because you should. Here in my neck of the woods, when they call for snow the community goes Nuts! We rush to Ukrops (grocery store) and buy up all the staples you must have for the snow milk, bread, eggs, hot cocoa and chocolate! Yes I said Chocolate it is a must if the kiddos want to survive being stuck at home with mom. Back to the story, well we are now on 4 and schools are still closed and my road is still covered in snow and ice. We are STuck! but in a good way! We are having long mornings in our PJ's and late breakfast. The kids are enjoying their fun too. They have been out building ramps, sledding, making videos and playing videos on the "crack box" aka XBox 360. I have also taken advantage of the beautiful scenery and the kids playing and capture all those with my camera.

DSC_0915 fb web

DSC_0923 fb sh web

The story behind the photos below is golden! When we were young, my mother had us do the same thing. With us being girls and where we lived growing up (on a main road) we had traffic stopped 1/2 mile down the road. Six girls in their bikinis and boots out in a foot of snow while my mother was taking pictures. This was a memory that will last a lifetime. I am on a mission to find that picture. Well I thought it would be neat to continue on the tradition and that is just what I did, well they did!

DSC_0942 web

They obviously took it a few steps further and did not wear boots! Silly Boys!

DSC_0939 web

DSC_0956 web

Can you just feel what his face is saying.... Burrrr.....

DSC_0968 web

Playing so tough but when they came in they were sqealing like girls to get near the fire.

DSC_0977 fb mh web

Then after their feet thawed out they were out, with clothes on this time.

DSC_0974 fb mh web

Some of which was a tad scary! YIKES!

DSC_0978 fb mh web

And some with malfunctions.
"Spppp, Hey C I think that hat is suppose to be worn the other way. It is backwards!"
Oh and yes that is Snow Cream another thing I questioned! Why come out in the COLD COLD snow and eat COLD COLD Snow Cream???? Makes perfect sense, Right?

DSC_0995 fb mh web

Awh....I just love moments like this!

DSC_0973 fb mh web

She is the bright one in the bunch the only one to spend five minutes in the snow to say she did and then back in side where it was warm. My kind of girl:)

One more note to follow up with!
FORECAST for weekend: SNOW 10-20 inches of more snow!!! Good Times :P


Catherine said...

Holy cow! That's a lot of snow! It looks like so much fun. My kids are envious!

Cindy M said...

Um, WOW. That's a LOT of snow. Good gravy! Although, in most cases, we unfortunately have enough snow equipment that we can only squeak out one, MAYBE two, snow days. Love the photos! Are you using a macro lens?? I know I've asked you a dozen times about stuff. :-)

Ally said...

Hey Cindy! Yes it is a lot of snow for us anyway. I am using the 70-300mm with a macro feature (it is a wanna be macro) it does pretty good but a macro is on my ever growing list of things I want!

Kristi said...

More snow? Now I'm jealous...
Those boys in their bare feet made mine cold!