Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where are some of my Pics??

I just wanted to let everyone know that I had to go through and do a mass delete of some of my photos on Flickr. Thus, the missing pictures on my blog. Some of my blogger friends may not understand but those who flickr will. First, let me say I love flickr! (a photo hosting site and community for anyone who loves taking photos) I use it for all of my photos and love the contacts I have made there. But... I have heard before on the occasion you come across a "creepy" situation. Well lets face it we have some pretty questionable people in this world and well I do not want to be "to careful" when it comes to my family. Yesterday, I got a weird request from a flickr member who had NO information on who they were and NO pictures in their photostream and they were NOT a Pro member and they sent me an flickr message and wanted to us my photos of my princess on "their" website. Ummm...NO! It really FREAKED me out. It may have been totally innocent but I wasn't gonna take a chance of it. So I deleted all my photos quickly instead of going through each individual one instead of changing the settings on them. I wanted to move fast! I am still using flickr but I am being a lot more careful about what I make public. Just thought I would share this to all of my other flickr friends out there and wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen to them?


Catherine said...

I have so many people blocked on Flickr. It's a paradise for creepy people. I have stumbled upon more creeps than I can handle there. I am still contemplating doing friends/family settings. I'm sorry you had to go through that : (

Our Journey said...

Oh Allyson -- I don't blame you -- that would creep me out too!!