Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Suicide Hill, Part 2

Okay, So I have just recovered from heart failure and I notice my little 3 year doing the potty dance on top of this huge hill (need I say that the car is down the big hill across the road in a parking lot). Well if most of you know that when a 3 year has to go SHE HAS TO GO!!! It was then that Daddio came to the rescue!

DSC_1508 web

He had a plan!

DSC_1509 web

Oh, I see where he is going with this! Do you?

DSC_1512 web

It did not go as smoothly as he thought. Here he and the boys are trying to talk her into squatting right there. Well she was not having any parts and all of the sudden she decided she did not have to GO any longer.

DSC_1511 web

And Mae didn't Blame her one bit!

DSC_1534 web

This is A-man and well he had his own plans for the day as we did not see him other than the climb back up with his snow board.

DSC_1521 web

So Daddio gets another plan and said "let the girls come down to this smaller hill so they can take a turn sledding" Well that seems like a great idea. The girls AND Ben will ride together because even the "smaller" hill is still pretty big. So they pile them on the sleigh. Now I am a good ways away, as I have my Zoom on top of the hill and I turn for one moment to see Aman come down another hill. When I look back I see this very disturbing sight.

DSC_1522 web

Okay there is Daddio and BEN but no girls on sleigh. Oh no they didn't!!! Oh yes they did!! They sent the girls down ALONE!! Well there went my heart again! Check out the two of them just sitting back talking after sending two little girls down the hill ALONE!!! Men, really?

DSC_1523 web

Do you notice another ditch at the bottom! Then the smart brothers came to their rescue. Let's just say for the record, The girls were NOT HAPPY! No bumps or scratches just freaked out! I am thinking the "jump" over the ditch was what sent them over the edge. Men, Really??

DSC_1526 web

I think Mae took it the hardest.

DSC_1527 web

And after we all knew no one was hurt, we did get a laugh. Obviously, Mae did not find much humor in it!

DSC_1532 web

Not Happy AT ALL!!

DSC_1547 web

And that Folks, is what ended our day at Suicide Hill! Nothing short of normal.


Kristi said...

Really, they sent them down alone? Oh dear! Glad that the girls didn't flip or anything!
And I don't blame Arden one bit, looks like it would have been a bit chilly for an "al fresco potty moment"

Karin said...

Oh man...I am cracking up! Isn't that typical of men? It probably didn't even occur to them that the girls wouldn't LIKE it! All I could think when I saw the look on Mae's face that she is going to get them back someday.

Gorgeous photos!!

Our Journey said...

Oh geezzz.. My stomach would have dropped too! And dito Kristi - I would have NEVER been able to potty out there...don't know too many girls that would! (Especially not our little princeses!)