Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Suicide Hill, Part 1

When it snows there is only place to go for sledding, Suicide Hill!!

DSC_1483 web

Princess Climbing "the hill" with her Marshmallow Coat on. (she named her coat)

DSC_1481 web

Mason at the top getting ready to head down on a snowboard! I loved this picture him up against the Blue Sky looks like he is doing an ad for "The Guy" if you have seen spy kids you know what I talking about. If not don't rush to see it just take my word for it and know it is funny and laugh.

DSC_1486 web

He is working his moves for the Girl checking him out in the red coat.

DSC_1487 web

Fail! Way to laugh it off Mason you still look cool!


The view from the top! Next up Suicide Hill...

DSC_1493 web

The boys getting ready to head down.

DSC_1494 web

poor Carson holding on for dear life!

DSC_1495 web

Notice Roger's form as his laying back to get full speed... Not like they need it, this picture does not do the hill justice at all. It is almost straight down.

DSC_1496 web

Do I need to also point out the foot deep ditch at the end there with frozen ice water! YIKES

DSC_1497 web

Oh and the pile of rocks I notice as they are fast approaching! Oh, a Mothers Heart is dropping....

DSC_1498 web

And then comes the BAIL!!!

DSC_1499 web

A HUGE BAIL!! Notice the boots in weird places...

DSC_1500 web

Okay they are laughing! Poor Carson he was in the middle of these two maniacs!

DSC_1502 web

Running with excitement to do it all again.

DSC_1504 web

He was thinking all the way up "What was I thinking, Never!!!"

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Karin said...

I am sitting in the waiting room at the hospital and cracking up. People probably think I am so weird. :) I love to say, "FAIL!" Think maybe we are kindred spirits. :) Love your boy in the Army uniform--can't wait to see my boy in his. :) Keep up the sledding mania...I am impressed with suicide hill. Our hill is so lame compared to that!