Thursday, February 4, 2010

Share Friday!

On Share Friday I will be giving little things that I have learned along the way that has helped me photograph my kids! The biggest question I get from everyone is what lens I am using. When I am not photographing clients my favorite lens would be my 70-300mm. This lens is the best to capture those "moments" just as they are. No fake cheezzzz! Just my kiddos, nieces, nephews, etc.. just {being}! This is when I get those pictures that are magical! I have my camera and stand/sit on the sideline and let them do what they do play, run, hanging out and I snap away. They are so much more relaxed and you capture them in their "element" which makes a Mama with a Camera's heart melt! Awh.....

The magic begins with this


This is my 70-300mm Tamron Lens
This is by far one of my favorite if there is plenty of light.

Here are some of my favorites while using this little trick!


DSC_0521 txt CS

And check out that beautiful bokeh this lens gives, Bonus!
(bokeh: photo term for blur; shallow depth of field)

2009 07 13_july 2009 rivah 2_5776_edited-1


mae small

This lens also is great for bird watching too!

Blue Bird

Go out and let the your subject do what they do and snap away using your zoom lens! Capture them {being} them and create some Magic!


Kristi said...

I was so hoping to purchase one of those puppies before our trip. Sadly my laptop battery is on the end of its life, so the money went to replacing it instead...
One day, one day!
Love those pictures, especially the one of Mae holding the heart!

Robyn{Lee} said...

Gosh, I have that lens and NEVER use it. I feel so awful for hubs buying it for me.... : / I will try harder to use it though. You're like the 3rd person who has said they love that lens. GREAT photos btw!

Our Journey said...

I want you to come & teach me 'tricks' to great picture taking... love those natural pictures.