Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning was the Princess's Official Birthday. However, we did not have a party until the following day (sunday) as we decided last minute to combine it with Chinese New Year. So Saturday was day of cleaning up and getting things ready for the next day. Our morning first started off with a little Rock n Roll!!

_DSC1641 web

Rock Band Of Course

_DSC1646 web

Me and the Princess often fight over who is going sing and she Always wins!

_DSC1643 web

Girl can sing some Eye of the Tiger, Hungry like the Wolf, We got the Beat and Call Me but when some Steve Miller Band pops up she does do so well and then the "FAIL" sign comes across the screen and she gets very upset.


Then her "boys" put down their guitars and drum sticks and run to comfort her.


Then she looks at them with her teary eyes and says
"will you please put it on Eye of The Tiger" and then all is well again in Rock n Roll!


Catherine said...

Oh my gosh.... that is too cute! I love that her brothers comfort her. What a fun family!

Our Journey said...

Ohhhhhh poor little thing! Your boys are so sweet! Isn't it funny how much these girls love this band/guitar thing?!?!! And, I heard her little "clip" she's quite a singer!!!