Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Princess

With all of the natural scenery the snow has brought I had to take advantage of it's beauty. I had bought this beautiful Victorian dress online to use while being "creative" with my photograph. A quick little fact about me, I love anything Victorian or Vintage. If I could have it my way we would all go back to dressing just like they did in Gone with the Wind. I know, a little far but it is the truth and my it is my all time Favorite Movie with Titanic being a close second. Well I found this dress and saw with my "photo" side of my brain an image that I wanted. It is so exciting as a photographer when you actually capture just what you envision.

DSC_1180 fb mh web

My Favorite....

DSC_1207 fb mh web

DSC_1137 fb mh web

DSC_1085 fb mh2 web

and this one too! You know how I am with favorites ( I have many, girls can do that)

DSC_1038 copy fb mh2 web

DSC_1029 fb mh2 web

DSC_1024 fb vb web

DSC_1015 fb mh web

DSC_1027 fb mh2 web

Just what I envisioned! My happy place as a photographer!

Coming up this Friday! I have had a few request asking about lenses and post processing. I will be sharing each Friday little tips and things I have learned that have helped me along! Share and Share Alike that is what I like to do!
I guess it will be Share Friday! Good one, huh?


Kristi said...

So glad that you had the chance to capture just what was in your mind. How lucky you are to have a willing ~ and beautiful ~ subject!

Cindy M said...

These are AWESOME, especially with the snow! Love the hat, too. I had a couple for Caroline when she was little, but she's outgrown them. I just ordered one in red for February...gotta stock up in all colors. I am in love with these hats!

I love them all, but my absolute favorite is the black and white with her back to the camera and her hand holding up the dress. LOVE IT! Although her gorgeous little face is hard to beat! Some days I just pinch myself with happiness that I have this photogenic little girl, and I know you must feel the same way.

momwithfaithandhope said...

Oh my. . .my absolute favorite is the one of her hugging the tree, and then the one without color of her back. . .you are an amazing photographer! I can't wait to learn from you. . .day one is just around the corner!!!

Our Journey said...

I loved this dress/picture when you posted it the other day.. it's just BEAUTIFUL! You have such an eye (and artistic thought!)