Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday My Princess

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Today is my little Princess's 4th Birthday. We are so blessed to have her in our life. Here are a few Fun Facts that make my little Princess a Princess!

1. She loves chocolate milk first thing in the morning
2. She has a meltdown when the video game Rock Band tells her she has "failed" at singing. No really a HUGE meltdown! She takes it very seriously.
3. She give the best kisses ever!
4. Calls her brothers "her boys"
5. Knows her way around a computer better than my Mom and Aunt Janet C.
6. She knows the difference between a big smile and soft smile since her Mama has a camera in her face 24/7
7. She informed me she is no longer Hispanic (like Dora) she is now Chinese like Ni Hao Ki Lan. So glad she cleared that up.
8. Her favorite food is rice with Soy Sauce. Lots of Soy Sauce!
9. She really needs to work on her sense of fashion. She comes down stairs after dressing herself with a red velvet and black dot skirt with a purple and green polo and yellow socks with red sparkly shoes.
10. She likes Mom and Dad's bed better than her own because "my bed is boring" , that is okay she has good snuggles!

My Girl

Her smile is contagious!

web 7

when she is sick it just breaks your heart...

2009 10 16_1599_edited-1

She loves her "boys"

2009 08 05_reunion picture pt 1_7097_edited-1

and Chinese Sisters too!

2009 06 29_4555_edited-1

She is even cute when she is being a stinker!

mae and arden 3

Her very BFF is Mae!

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Happy Birthday Arden! We Love You!


Catherine said...

She is so beautiful! Happy Birthday Little Princess!

Kristi said...

Happy birthday sweet Arden! Love the 10 facts ~ wish you all lived closer, I think she and my crew would really enjoy hanging out!
Oh, and I'd love to sit and chat over a cup of cocoa with you too!

Our Journey said...

Happy Birthday Arden!!!! I loved this sweet ... love hearing about her little personality! I hope she had a GREAT day! Give her a b-day hug from Anne Marie!