Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday/Chinese New Year

Sunday we combined the Princess's Birthday and Chinese New Year Celebration. Daddio did his yummy Chinese Cooking and we had family down to celebrate.

_DSC1685 web

Citrus for Good Luck!

_DSC1687 web

More Sweets!

_DSC1689 web

Even had decorations

_DSC1696 web

Decorating was Roger's duty

_DSC1705 web

Daddio can cook! This was his Chicken Lo-mien YUMMO!!!

_DSC1707 web

And Dumplings!

_DSC1806 web

And then we sat around and talked about whoever wasn't there. Just kidding!

_DSC1802 web

Little Addy Cake was telling Paw Paw just what she thought of him.

_DSC1811 web

Then it was present time

_DSC1824 web

She got so many nice gifts!

_DSC1829 web

Time for CAKE! She had her fork ready!

_DSC1838 web

Making her wish for the year to come!

_DSC1840 web

Then Paw Paw asked for a very small portion of cake and ice cream and as always we give him just that! will he ever learn. lol

_DSC1721fb mh web

A wonderful day of Celebration!

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Karin said...

Beautiful photos...and what a fun celebration!