Thursday, February 25, 2010

Share Friday

Will be back next Friday! Still picking up the pieces from a Crashed Hard-drive. Hope to be back blogging by Monday. I have so missed catching up with everyone.

2010 01 07_8433_edited-3

Have a Wonderful Weekend and don't forget to back-up your files:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i heart faces, hands

0128 MnH

This week at i heart faces the them is not faces but hands. This is a photo I took while Daddio was out working in his garden. I was sitting back with my camera and caught this special moment when he was showing her what rosemary was. I just love the story this photo tells, some good Daddy and Daughter time. Awh...Just makes me smile:) Don't forget to go over and check out the rest of the entries just click HERE!

Monday, February 22, 2010

It Got Me!

Well I have read from "2" other people that their hard-drive crash within the last week or so. You know what they say? They come in "3"! Yep I am lucky number three! Luckily I have Daddio who is my personal computer guy and he is on the job fixing it for me. Hope to be up and running soon. :)

Cindy I am thinking you shared the love. lol...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 50


Have a great weekend!

Anyone in need of a Digital SLR Camera? Ready to upgrade from your point and shoot! This is the perfect camera for you! It is a little over a year old and was only used for 7 months. It has been stored & collecting dust since I upgraded to my D90. I wanted to keep the D60 for a back up but I got a D300s for my birthday this year so my D90 is now my back up. The Nikon D60 is a 10.2 Megapixels, 2.5" LCD Monitor and has ISO up to 1600. If you would like to read more on this camera Just read HERE!

So this is what you get


All of this! Which is in Mint Used Condition
Nikon D60
Tamrac 3536 Express Camera Bag retails for $37
3 filters (one on lens)
battery and charger
18-55 AF-s nikkor VR lens
2 GB SD card (used)
palm grip and original nikon camera strap
Manual and Box

All of this Shipped $350.00 (includes ground shipping and insurance)via PayPal.


The Nikon D60 camera body
(body is textured and no damage, is in mint condition)


18-55mm AF-S VR (vibration reduction) lens, pictured with filter attached (body of lens is textured and no damage, is in mint condition)




Charger, Battery and manual


Camera with palm strap (also included, the original Nikon strap)


Roger giving you a little demo! lol


Inside Tamrac 3536 Bag, room for camera and 2 lenses, 2 large pockets, two side pockets and one on back of back.

Any question please feel free to email me at

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Share Friday! Getting Off Auto Part 2

I just know that everyone has rushed and read their manual from cover to cover, Right!? Okay, maybe not but hopefully you know what your different program modes are. There are 4 different modes to choose from

1. Auto- the camera chooses everything for you
2. Aperture Priority- you pick the aperture and the camera picks the appropriate shutter speed.
3. Shutter Priority- you pick your shutter speed and the camera picks the appropriate aperture.
4. Manual- you control aperture and shutter speed

All modes are good to use in certain situations (except for auto, in my opinion). I will go into a brief "how to" for each different mode. Up first is Aperture Priority!

Aperture Priority Mode: Nikon is A; Cannon AV

Before digging in and just moving your setting to "A" you need to know exactly what your aperture does. Your aperture is the opening that allows light into your cameras sensor. To understand it more take a moment and check out this link below as it will give you a visual of each different aperture setting.

Visual on Aperture from short

Not only does the aperture controls the opening of light it also controls your depth of field. That my friend is the "magical blur" that we all love. How do you get that? Well the bigger the the aperture (remember from the diagram smaller number=big aperture) the more depth of field which equals more blur. If you want more details on depth of field there are plenty of articles on the web on the subject. Here is 2 pictures that shows you the difference:


Small Aperture Setting (big number) f/25 (aperture); 1/100 shutter speed
See how everything is nice and crisp. The foreground (the bird) and the background (the trees). When you need everything to be crisp and in focus you want a smaller aperture (f/22, f/13, f10 etc.) Example for use: landscapes, large group of people


Large Aperture Settings (small number) f/5.6 (aperture); 1/1600 shutter speed
Notice how my subject is nice and focused and the background is blurred. This is only at a aperture of f/5.6 which is the smallest that lens (70-300 mm) would go. But there are other lens that create even more of a blur when they can open up as much as f/1.2, f/1.4, f/1.8 and etc... Lenses that have the large apertures are known as fast lenses as they let in a lot of light so you can shoot with a little less natural light without the use of flash. One of my favorite lens is the 50mm 1.4 and I use this lens 90% of the time. So the more bokeh (blur) the larger your aperture is opened up thus smaller f stop number. I know it is a bit confusing but you will get use to it and it will be second nature. There also a few other things that relate to your depth of field but we are only touching on aperture. Examples for use: photos of 1-2 people, when the background is distracting and you want to blur it out or when the light is limited.

Now that you know what your aperture does you can move your settings in Aperture Priority and start shooting. Set your aperture at what you want for your photo. Go and be brave and start experimenting with it. That is what is so great about digital immediate results and if you mess up just hit delete! Most of what I have learned I have learned right here via the internet so if you are need more information or want to dig deeper in this just Google and you will have more info than you could ever want!

Have a great weekend and have fun getting your camera off of Auto!!
Next week Shutter Speed!
_DSC1663 weebb

_DSC1688 web
Sunday we combined the Princess's Birthday and Chinese New Year Celebration. Daddio did his yummy Chinese Cooking and we had family down to celebrate.

_DSC1685 web

Citrus for Good Luck!

_DSC1687 web

More Sweets!

_DSC1689 web

Even had decorations

_DSC1696 web

Decorating was Roger's duty

_DSC1705 web

Daddio can cook! This was his Chicken Lo-mien YUMMO!!!

_DSC1707 web

And Dumplings!

_DSC1806 web

And then we sat around and talked about whoever wasn't there. Just kidding!

_DSC1802 web

Little Addy Cake was telling Paw Paw just what she thought of him.

_DSC1811 web

Then it was present time

_DSC1824 web

She got so many nice gifts!

_DSC1829 web

Time for CAKE! She had her fork ready!

_DSC1838 web

Making her wish for the year to come!

_DSC1840 web

Then Paw Paw asked for a very small portion of cake and ice cream and as always we give him just that! will he ever learn. lol

_DSC1721fb mh web

A wonderful day of Celebration!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47

I just wanted to let everyone know that I had to go through and do a mass delete of some of my photos on Flickr. Thus, the missing pictures on my blog. Some of my blogger friends may not understand but those who flickr will. First, let me say I love flickr! (a photo hosting site and community for anyone who loves taking photos) I use it for all of my photos and love the contacts I have made there. But... I have heard before on the occasion you come across a "creepy" situation. Well lets face it we have some pretty questionable people in this world and well I do not want to be "to careful" when it comes to my family. Yesterday, I got a weird request from a flickr member who had NO information on who they were and NO pictures in their photostream and they were NOT a Pro member and they sent me an flickr message and wanted to us my photos of my princess on "their" website. Ummm...NO! It really FREAKED me out. It may have been totally innocent but I wasn't gonna take a chance of it. So I deleted all my photos quickly instead of going through each individual one instead of changing the settings on them. I wanted to move fast! I am still using flickr but I am being a lot more careful about what I make public. Just thought I would share this to all of my other flickr friends out there and wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen to them?
Clickin' Moms

I am a member of this fabulous group Clickin Moms! I just love it! I is worth every dime I spend to be apart of it. They have a forum that has tutorials, group buys, business info, techy stuff about your camera and so much more. It is like being mentored by many professional photographers. I have learned so much from real peoples experiences. There are pros, intermediates, beginners and mom's who just want to learn to take photos of their kiddos. Go check it out you will not be sorry, but your family may because it is easy to spend hours checking out all the informations. So be warned it is addicting! (but in a good way)

What is even better they are running a coupon code to get you 10% of your subscription. Just use this coupon code FRIEND at check out to receive your 10% off. So go now and check it out. Just click any of the banners on my page. Yes, there is something in it for me they are having a contest for referrals but trust me you don't want this great deal to pass you by. You will be hooked!

clickin' Moms

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46


Mr. Nosy Mocking bird looking in our back door.
Saturday Morning was the Princess's Official Birthday. However, we did not have a party until the following day (sunday) as we decided last minute to combine it with Chinese New Year. So Saturday was day of cleaning up and getting things ready for the next day. Our morning first started off with a little Rock n Roll!!

_DSC1641 web

Rock Band Of Course

_DSC1646 web

Me and the Princess often fight over who is going sing and she Always wins!

_DSC1643 web

Girl can sing some Eye of the Tiger, Hungry like the Wolf, We got the Beat and Call Me but when some Steve Miller Band pops up she does do so well and then the "FAIL" sign comes across the screen and she gets very upset.


Then her "boys" put down their guitars and drum sticks and run to comfort her.


Then she looks at them with her teary eyes and says
"will you please put it on Eye of The Tiger" and then all is well again in Rock n Roll!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 45


“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart” Helen Keller

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 44


The days are always brighter when shared with Friends!
DSC_1180 fb mh web

Today is my little Princess's 4th Birthday. We are so blessed to have her in our life. Here are a few Fun Facts that make my little Princess a Princess!

1. She loves chocolate milk first thing in the morning
2. She has a meltdown when the video game Rock Band tells her she has "failed" at singing. No really a HUGE meltdown! She takes it very seriously.
3. She give the best kisses ever!
4. Calls her brothers "her boys"
5. Knows her way around a computer better than my Mom and Aunt Janet C.
6. She knows the difference between a big smile and soft smile since her Mama has a camera in her face 24/7
7. She informed me she is no longer Hispanic (like Dora) she is now Chinese like Ni Hao Ki Lan. So glad she cleared that up.
8. Her favorite food is rice with Soy Sauce. Lots of Soy Sauce!
9. She really needs to work on her sense of fashion. She comes down stairs after dressing herself with a red velvet and black dot skirt with a purple and green polo and yellow socks with red sparkly shoes.
10. She likes Mom and Dad's bed better than her own because "my bed is boring" , that is okay she has good snuggles!

My Girl

Her smile is contagious!

web 7

when she is sick it just breaks your heart...

2009 10 16_1599_edited-1

She loves her "boys"

2009 08 05_reunion picture pt 1_7097_edited-1

and Chinese Sisters too!

2009 06 29_4555_edited-1

She is even cute when she is being a stinker!

mae and arden 3

Her very BFF is Mae!

DSC_0769 fb cv web

Happy Birthday Arden! We Love You!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43


My princess turns 4 tomorrow! She is just growing up so fast! I wish I could slow down time and keep her so sweet and innocent! Oh how I love this girl :)
sniff sniff...