Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend Daddio and I had a weekend away. It was a celebration of our 16th Anniversary and My Birthday combined. We went back to Corolla, NC to an Inn that is just delightful and relaxing. It has the most gorgeous sunsets as it is right on the sound. This year we only got a peak of one because it was cloudy and grey. We had a wonderful trip and enjoyed some fun time together.

We checked out a local aquarium

DSC_0231 web

DSC_0234 web

DSC_0240 web

DSC_0245 web

The cutest little otters:)

DSC_0247 web

DSC_0270 web

My favorite sea creature. I could have just sat and watched all day.

While we were there we got a few pictures of the ocean (not too long it was very cold and bitter winds)

DSC_0192 web

Daddio shooting some shots of his own with his new to him D90.

DSC_0195 web

Yep, This is the guy who supports me beyond words. For my Birthday I got a new camera! I think it is just because he new he'd get one too. Win win! lol

After rushing back to the Inn to see if we could possibly catch a sunset we made it just in time to get this

DSC_0409 web

Then after the sun was down I got this

DSC_0447 web

What a wonderful weekend with Man I Love! It is so nice to get away but it makes the "real" life at home just as sweet! I am so very blessed!

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Catherine said...

So sweet! I love win win deals! Those last two pictures are just breath taking.