Saturday, January 9, 2010

Together at Last!

3 Boys and a Princess plus Allyson Causey Photography is now ONE for the New Year! The whole decision of trying to figure out which post to put where just drives me nuts! My OCD kicks in! I have also found out that most of my photo clients enjoy coming over and visiting my family blog as well. It only made sense to merge the two together, not to mention, it makes it so much easier than trying to manage 2 blogs. So please hang in there with me and put up with my rants, raves, massive post of my children (which is mainly my daughter as my boys are a bunch of fun suckers) and my adventures through my day to day crazy but wonderful life.

And because every post is so much better with a photo here is a photo I took the other day while heading to a night out with my sisters. I was driving by this open field over grown with weeds and and the light was just amazing so I pulled into my sister's shop (we were meeting there) and I sat there thinking...
Should I go back?
Na, you don't have time.
But the light was just YUMMY!
Well Heck, grab Hope (my niece) and just do it! Take "the Moment"

Boy I am so glad that I did. The shots I got were so dreamy. I will have to share more from it later but here is one of my niece. She is just so beautiful! She just had a plain Grey Sweatshirt on and no make up. I grabbed my scarf and draped it around so it would frame her face. The results were amazing. It certainly taught me to stop and not let "moments" like this pass me by.
Sun Kissed

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Kristi said...

Hope is beautiful ~ wish I looked that great with no makeup!
And I for one am glad that you've merged the two!