Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Goodbye

Like all good things they must come to an end! My sister and her lovely family returned back home last week. My week has been very quiet with the kids back at school from winter break and now they have gone too! Although the floors in my home made a huge sigh of relief they too are missing the many feet that ran, walked and crawled across them in the previous weeks. We had a wonderful visit and I am thankful for all the moments we shared. I now am looking forward to the summer when we will see them again!

We started the day off by hanging out one last time before we went of to the airport!

2010 01 11_9021_edited-1

2010 01 11_9019_edited-1

The cousins all played one last game of cards.

2010 01 11_9016_edited-1

A-man took a go at trying to solve the rubix cube!

2010 01 11_9009_edited-1

My Dad doing WHATEVER he wants since as of January 1st he is RETIRED!!!!!

2010 01 11_9026_edited-1

Queen of the Gremlins!

Then we all loaded into 4 cars and headed to the airport and this is what the scene looked like

2010 01 11_9028_edited-1

Funny, all those people and only 5 were leaving!

2010 01 11_9030_edited-1

This is the first half of the family on the escalators! See the guy checking us out? We are so use to people staring when we ever go anywhere as a group. There are just so many stinking kids and people stare trying their best to figure it out.

2010 01 11_9033_edited-1

And these are my sisters (Coo Coo) new shape up shoes! She loves them and has been told that she should do a commercial because of the passion she holds in these puppies!

2010 01 11_9036_edited-1

While we were waiting!

2010 01 11_9039_edited-1

Looks like a Cat fight ready to break out but don't get your hopes up they were just fighting over the shape up shoes! You know, who loves them more.

2010 01 11_9041_edited-2

Then they paused for a few moments to get this photo!

2010 01 11_9042_edited-1

My mom and dad with JP before heading off!

2010 01 11_9046_edited-1

More waiting!

2010 01 11_9053_edited-1

One of the twins getting his tunes ready for the plane ride.

2010 01 11_9054_edited-1

The princess with her "smartie" grin as she just talked her mommy into a $5 smoothie yes folks FIVE DOLLARS!!!

2010 01 11_9059_edited-1

Sweet Mae who started the whole smoothie Trend!

2010 01 11_9057_edited-1

Even the big kids wanted a smoothie! Boy they made a killing in smoothies that day!

Then they were off! What a wonderful visit and we are counting down the days until summer! We love you guys!

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Our Journey said...

I'm sure you all do gets looks w/ all those good looking kids (and adults) hanging out w/ you! You must have such an awesome family! I think it's great that you all went for the send off!