Friday, January 8, 2010

Dinner Party, Crashed! and a little Food Porn

2010 01 07_8450_edited-1

My "Little Sista" and her crew is still in town and we have had so much fun spending time together. My sisters and daughters are reading the "Twilight" series and planned a night out to go see the newest movie, New Moon. I personally just don't get it, maybe because I am not a fiction reader as I enjoy reading self help, historic or biographies. You know something that is real and not to mention the whole creepy, evil vampire thing. I will spare you all the climb on my soap box and get to the goods. We (my mom and I) decided to tag along to dinner and leave after dinner and that is just what we did. We went to a Awesome Italian Restaurant in town and we ate Family Style. Family Style on their menu is just to die for!!! You get to pick 2 appetizers, 2 salads, 2 pastas, 2 main dishes and 2 desserts! Yes I said that 2 DESSERTS!!! Here is some peeks from our night out...

2010 01 07_8448_edited-1

2010 01 07_8447_edited-1

This is Jen (my sister visitings daughter) she is who little G the Gremlin hopes to grow up to be one day. AKA: The Queen Gremlin!!! If you don't know who little G is just go HERE

2010 01 07_8452_edited-1

Big Sista and Little Sista!

2010 01 07_8454_edited-1

The next Generation of the Sistas!

2010 01 07_8456_edited-1

And the youngest of the Next Generation... So stinkin Cute!!!!

2010 01 07_8457_edited-1

Jen in Actions! Funny... She walked in to this place and whispered to her Mama
"Hey, This sure is FANCY!"

2010 01 07_8458_edited-1

Getting a Butt Chewing from Mama for not using her Best Manners...

2010 01 07_8466_edited-1

A little ticked off about that chewing!

Now on to the STUFF!

2010 01 07_8467_edited-1

Yummo! My favorite, Mozzarella breaded and fried....

2010 01 07_8468_edited-1

Caesar Salad! It was a Salad Folks, a good one but a Salad

2010 01 07_8469_edited-1

The Best!! Spinach Artichoke Dip! it was DIVINE!

2010 01 07_8470_edited-1

Mimi probably dreams about it!

2010 01 07_8471_edited-1

and poor little Addy does too...

2010 01 07_8473_edited-1

She was so sweet for her night out with the girls!

2010 01 07_8474_edited-1

Short Beef Ribs with Couscous, yummo! This was our waitress's favorite, she told us!

2010 01 07_8476_edited-1

Then we had lasagna and chicken parmigiana and there they are! Yep both right in Paige's mouth.

2010 01 07_8477_edited-1

I had WAY to much of this one, 4 Cheese Ravioli!

2010 01 07_8480_edited-1

But I did save room for this Boston Creme Pie!
And the very Best for Last!

2010 01 07_8479_edited-1

Cheese Cake!! This was the Best Cheese Cake I have EVER put in my mouth.
Delicious!! This is True Food Porn!

Now this morning I have a foodie hangover and will not eat for 2 days. I am sorry to those of you who do not have a Maggianos around you but those who do I am sure will be there Today!

Happy Friday Everyone!!


DayDreamer said...

I am hungry by just looking at them..

Absolutely mouth watering..

Great just wondering are you professional your images are so life like..

Maybe you should try some photography sure there would be lots of people who would agree to what am saying..

Kristi said...

It's been a while since I've hit a Maggianos, but now I'm hungry for it!
And I thought I was the only woman left on the planet who wasn't reading the Twilight series. Glad to know you've got my back!