Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Day!

Well I have finally gotten caught up to post our Christmas day photos! We started the morning off by a shake from our youngest son at 4:50 am wanting to go check out the loot Santa left.
I replied with "are you kidding?"
We basically talked him into climbing back in bed for a couple more hours or at least until the sun woke and that is just what he did! As soon as the sun peaked it's way over the horizon I heard feet hit the floor. So up we went and headed down to see what was left behind.

2009 12 25_7889_edited-1

2009 12 25_7894_edited-1

2009 12 25_7897_edited-1

2009 12 25_7896_edited-1

After some breakfast and down time we packed in the car and headed to my parents to celebrate Christmas Day. This year was even more exciting as my sister and her family from Utah came in and we were able to pick them up from the airport so they could join us in the festivities. That was one of my best Christmas Gifts.

2009 12 25_7926_edited-1

The princess did get dressed she loved her Dora Pajamas so much she brought them and did everything she could to convince me to put them on. Well I caved!

2009 12 25_7914_edited-2

Sweet Addy spending some time with her Auntie...

2009 12 25_7910_edited-1

The Princess using her camera just like her Mama! She even uses word like "move over here the light is not good" LOL...

2009 12 25_7944_edited-1

Awh... and sweet Cabell!

2009 12 25_7951_edited-1

My handsome Nephews

2009 12 25_7970_edited-1

My Dad reading the Christmas story our family tradition.

2009 12 25_7973_edited-1

I love this father daughter time I caught. So sweet!

2009 12 25_7975_edited-1

Ben and his girlfriend, I can't believe she made it through the day. She did need a day to recover from all the craziness.

2009 12 25_7978_edited-1

Another favorite mommy time moment from the day!

Now to the best capture of the day! I decided to use video feature on my camera and from the looks of this video I have a lot of work on getting it right but you will get the just of it. This is just Hilarious!!! Check out the end and see what happens when your trying to peek in the packages before it is time to open them.

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Kristi said...

Looks like a lot of family chaos ~ just the way I like to spend Christmas!