Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas photo session with the Crew!

_DSC4082 copy

a little of this

_DSC4079 copy

and this

_DSC4086 copy w

and always a bit of this...

_DSC4103 copy crop w

then we got to this :) Makes a Mamma's heart sing... AWHHHHHHHH

_DSC4142 copy w

and we didn't want to leave Mae Out

Let it snow

And this was our Cards This year. Front

Let it snow back


Merry Christmas to all my Blogger Buddies. Hope you all treasure every memory this Christmas Season and Remember the reason we Celebrate. When I think of Christmas I reflect back to a Christmas Card I have tucked in my Bible. It has a picture of Mary holding Jesus and says "In her arms she held the Hope of the World". I cannot even imagine what must have been going through her Momma Heart as she looked down at her newborn son knowing the road ahead. But I am forever grateful for the Gift that was Given to us all that night. The Gift of HOPE!

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last week our children's ministry at our church had a night for the kids to come and build Gingerbread Mansions.

_DSC3751 w

Mae came along to join in on the fun!

_DSC3759 w

A-man and his friend were the "hired help"


Of course a night with Mae could not go by without a bit of "Drama". She was mad because she wanted to be 3 years old again. She said "Arden and I loved each other so much more when we were 3". She is so random sometimes.

_DSC3756 w

but within a few minutes things were back to BFFs


Mae's had a plan and worked perfectly


Arden's on the other hand, had as much of her favorite candy on it so she could plow in and eat it.

And it barely made it home!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

_DSC2985 w
While the boys were out working hard in the yard. The princess and I were hard working inside putting up Christmas for MawMaw.

Christmas like a Child

the princess was in awe at all the glittery ornaments

Toy Soldiers

she had toy soldiers lining her mantel

Mr. White

stry1 w

She was loving anything that twinkled :)

_DSC3627 layer w

and this was one of her favorite ornaments

_DSC3623 w

MawMaw even let her put a few on the tree

_DSC3700 w

then we took a break for a snack and a quick game of "Spot It" (if you are looking for a fun compact game this is it, Arden loves it and so do we!)

Days End!

and that was the end our day at MawMaw and PawPaw's house!
To MawMaw and PawPaw's house we go. This Saturday Daddio had to work so the crew and I headed to my parents house to help out with yard work and getting Christmas decor up.
The boys and PawPaw were in charge of the yard

_DSC3520 w

they worked really hard

_DSC3518 w

Rog was the "team lead"

_DSC3529 w

and he took the rule of "No Horseplay" very serious!

_DSC3534 w

A-man was captain of the riding lawn mower and worked hard! so hard he didn't see the tarp he ran over and chewed to pieces. (you like that grin?)

_DSC3538 w

Elvis sat back and watched the "hard working" crew

_DSC3642 w

Rog was teaching the crew his raking skills

_DSC3640 w

he THINKS he is a Ninja!

_DSC3639 w

No really He does!

_DSC3644 w

Ben caught on quickly

_DSC3646 w

Lets just say the "self confidence" was not lacking here in this Raking Team

_DSC3649 w

and then there was PawPaw! he thinks they are Nuts but doesn't say a word cause he is getting his massive amount of leaves up by " 3 Ninjas!"

_DSC3653 w

he just smiles :)

_DSC3656 w

and then feeds them! That makes these Ninjas so happy!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Good Stuff!

_DSC3332 w

The sweetest things can be found in the "simpleness" of life!
Have great weekend.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some Studio Fun!!

Pink Christmas W

White Christmas w

_DSC2164 w

Vintage Christmas w

She hearts the camera and i heart her!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Richmond Virginia Photographer, Preview for L

I had a fun photo shoot for L and Cami (the cutest little pup EVER) for some Christmas Cards. We laughed and barked, me anyway, it was the only way to get little Cami to even look my way. lol But it was totally worth all the barking and weird looks I got because this is one of my favorites sessions. She is just a natural in front of the camera and I swear some of them look like they could be in a magazine ad. (so not tooting my horn it was all her). Here are a few of my favorite

_DSC3157 copy w

Love this one!

_DSC3242 copy w

_DSC3193 copy w

totally could be in a magazine! Love!

_DSC3130 copy snow w

and this one, so much fun :)

Thank you L and Cami.

Monday, November 29, 2010


After Thanksgiving we always schedule time in to put up our Christmas Tree. This year was no different. Normally, I am an OCD wreak during the decorating but this year I sat back with my camera and hot tea and let them have full control. Who really cares that there are two red balls next to each other or there are more ornaments that are clustered together? Well truthfully that would be me but this year I let go and let them decorate with no rules!


boy oh boy! She was all about decorating.

_DSC2718 w


I love it when the kids go down memory lane with each ornament they pull out of the box.

_DSC2733 w

_DSC2760 w

_DSC2763 w

This is "my Rog"

_DSC2772 w

A little help from big brother...

_DSC2796 w

and Daisy decided to stay in the comfort of the couch and few blankets :)