Monday, December 28, 2009

White Christmas, Almost

2009 12 19_7812_edited-1

The weekend before Christmas we had a storm hit our area and it laid a beautiful blanket of snow. We get maybe 2 snowfalls here, so when they hit the kids take advantage of every moment they can. The kids gathered their layers of clothing, hats, gloves and boots and as soon as I gave them the word they were out like runners at the starting line.

2009 12 18_7777_edited-2

2009 12 18_7784_edited-2

2009 12 19_7818_edited-3

2009 12 19_7842 copy_edited-1

2009 12 19_7879_edited-2

2009 12 19_7871_edited-3

It was an extravagant display of Winter!

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